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Reasonable re MIL?

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Mumfun Mon 10-Jan-05 13:36:23

First time in talk on MN so would appreciate help. Long story but basically dont really like MIL and is sole cause of tension in marriage.

I think DH too obsessed with MIL - loads of stuff gone on over the years. FIL lives in pub and not very interested in her. I think she makes no effort in life - just wants to rely on DH for most things - she calls him her Rock. Has been found out in a few lies etc recently but DH forgives her everything. He is a very kind man.She is regarded as very nice woman and is not horrible but just wants to live through us all the time. Wants to shop unendingly for DS - buys loads of toys and clothes and food-brings huge amounts of food - enough for DS for the whole week when she comes. I want to buy the food and clothes for DS myself. DH does not see any problem
ALso DH has 2 brothers and she has kind of brought them up to not speak directly - she wants them to deal through her - tells them what each other is up to and they dont talk direct - she wants to be the centre of them.
ANyway latest tension point is how often for MIL to see DS. I think every 3 weeks is fine. DH wants every week to 2 weeks. She lives 1.5 hours away (I refuse to live within 1 hour of her house) DS then said he must have every 2 weeks - visit baicially takes up all day. DH says no problem he will take DS u to MIL and I dont have to come.

But I want us to have a life - see friends - do things without her around. BTW she also questions me unendingly to get information to talk about as she does nothing in her life. BTW she is so dull and also really thick - sorry I sound horrible but it is true. I dont know how her and DH are related as he is nothing like her. Oh also she has cancer scare - she has really mild form that will in my opinion take years to kill her but DH obviously was upset by this

I know this is nothing compared to what other have to put up with but just causes problems all the time

Really appreciate knowing what others think

Thanks Mumfun

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