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MIL presumtions

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myermay Sun 09-Jan-05 21:14:14

Message withdrawn

tillykins Sun 09-Jan-05 21:29:02

Tricky one - I'm all for calling "relatives" by whatever the parents want, I get out of my tree when people refer to themselves as Auntie / Uncle so and so, when they are infact MIL's best friends next-door-neighbour for example!

Would you settle on a compromise like GrandadXXXX or a pet name? My friends stepdaughter calls her Plum, sounds a bit like mum but not enough to upset her biological mum. Could she call him Grandy or some variation on his own name - enough for it to be a bit special but not enough to sound like grandad?

myermay Sun 09-Jan-05 21:40:29

Message withdrawn

throckenholt Mon 10-Jan-05 08:24:38

can he jus tbe called by his name ? That would simplify things. (Our kids call their grandparents DiBob (amalgam of their names) because they can't say granny and grandad yet ).

lockets Mon 10-Jan-05 09:10:24

Message withdrawn

munnzieb Mon 10-Jan-05 09:14:01

well we're in that situation as well, (my nan had a bf 1 yr after my grandad died - also b4 I was born) we call him by his name. he's not my granddad, and we all talk about GD. the BF has had to get used to this. I will also have my children calling him by his name, as he's not their GD either. althou, DH doesn't tlak to his real dad, and calls his step dad by his name, once our children come along they will be calling him GD and not by his name, as it's what DH wants. (hope that helps)

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