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I'm not comfortable with my dh.......

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pinkroses Sun 09-Jan-05 01:00:43

Was just talking to dh about ths ad found it really funny.............I was in Tesco's yesterday and had to go for a wee. Now, there was a man getting ready to clean toilets whilst I was in them. I didn't ask him to leave, instead I just went into cubicle to wee...But I would never do this in front of dh and I don't know why. If he comes anywhere near the loo at home I make a noise and really panic in case he walks in.......and we have a lock on the door[there's no face for puzzled!]

Does anyone else panic like this....or am I the only nutty person. I think I am cracking up

pinkroses Sun 09-Jan-05 01:02:07

ignore spelling......dh made cosmopolitans tonight

polly28 Sun 09-Jan-05 01:20:44

i don't mind being seen to do a number one ,but a number two is much more private.I would definatley not let anyone (except my two year old ds who insists )observe.

I don't like seeing my dh wee so he probably doesn't like seeing me,never thought about it before.
What's a cosmopolitan?
I need to get out more!

happynewessbee Sun 09-Jan-05 01:54:37

Message withdrawn

lulupop Sun 09-Jan-05 08:58:46

I can't wee (never mind the other!) if there's anyone I don't know extremely well within hearing range.

I think it stems from the horrible cubicle toilets we had at school, where for some reason the school, bully used to get me on my way out.

Strangely, I have no problem at all in "multi-tasking" and doing a wee while in the phone to my friends! I do always tell them I'm going to do a wee, and they don't mind, but I suppose when I think about it, it is a bit weird. We are very good friends though!

kama Sat 29-Jan-05 16:26:28

Message withdrawn

sozie Sat 29-Jan-05 16:43:40

I always forget to close the door when doing wees so if dh walks past he closes in in disgust and I just smile sweetly. I always close it for no 2's but the kids still insist on opening it and coming in - it's all natural i s'pose.

munnzieb Sat 29-Jan-05 17:48:38

no, most of the time our bathroom door is open when i'm in there! (apart form no 2's or if we have guests, but shower bath loo it's all the same to me, the door is open so DH can come in if he want and have a chat to me in the bath. He's a little more reserved thou and doesn't like me popping in the bathroom, althou he's slowly coming around to the idea, and i'm alowd in now to do my teeth or somehting if he's in the shower.

kama Sat 29-Jan-05 18:08:04

Message withdrawn

Wondermom Sat 29-Jan-05 19:31:45

Don't mind weeing in front of DP but draw the line at no.2's. I have NEVER trumped in front of him though and we've been together 18 years!!

purpleturtle Sat 29-Jan-05 19:42:12

I'm with munnzieb. Never going to be called a prude, that's for sure .

Those of you who can't wee in front of your dps - weren't they present at the birth of your child(ren)? After that, it's even harder to justify such embarassment!

moondog Sat 29-Jan-05 19:43:38

Well in that case, wondermum is a very APT name!

Wondermom Sat 29-Jan-05 20:00:46

Well...Not noisy ones anyway. I've sneaked out a few silent ones but always blame them on the kids! Doing 'The great North Run' in September and not looking forward to the toilet arrangements there...or rather lack of them!! You have to drink SO much water before a big race and all that running makes you suddenly HAVE to go!! There are either no toilets where you are or massive queus. You see men and women squatting together on grass verges often!! AND the whole event is televised

moondog Sat 29-Jan-05 20:02:21

lol! Good luck with it-you'll probably be past caring by then!

kama Sat 29-Jan-05 20:16:38

Message withdrawn

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