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Need cheering up

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tammybear Sun 02-Jan-05 23:57:57

May seem really weird, but Im in tears at the moment as Ive just had to part with dp. We just spent nearly a week together, the longest we've had together is just over a full week. We went to Wembley Arena tonight and met up with his parents, and dp went home with them. Ive been dreading today all week, as we dont know when we'll see each other next as I start work on Tuesday, doing Mon-Fri and dp works weekends. We were both stood in Wembley car park upset and I kept bursting into tears as I drove home. Didnt help that I had to go round 10times before parking on the double yellow lines like some of the other cars as I was too tired and upset to keep looking. I miss him so much and hate being apart from him, even if we were arguing. Just wanted to share this with someone as I feel so empty at the moment, as Im at home with noone here, as dd is at my mums. Thanks if you have read this xxx

boudicca Mon 03-Jan-05 00:07:12

so sorry to hear you're so upset...hugs to you

hattynewyear Mon 03-Jan-05 00:07:17

Hi TB, send dp a soppy text message, or go the whole hog and write him a love letter and put it in the post. It's horrible to be apart and to be lonely I know but see if you can't turn it to something good. hugs

lavenderr Mon 03-Jan-05 00:09:33

I have and am sorry to hear of your sadness Tammybear...I don't really know what to say ...but if you've spent a week together and then it's ripped away from you so suddenly no wonder you feel upset (((((((((hugs)))))))))) many of them to has Christmas been for you...I have read your threads but forget things're not lving together as you would like at the mo is that right? sorry to be thick genuinely interested

tammybear Mon 03-Jan-05 00:09:54

thanks, feel a bit better now that i had a good cry about it, and find usually when i share it, i feel better about it too. I do get use to us being apart again after a couple of days, but I always seem to get so upset when he leaves.

tammybear Mon 03-Jan-05 00:12:09

Had a good Christmas, we werent together for that, but had our own a few days before it. We spent new year together, and went to my mums which was really nice. hes not living with me at the moment, lives 74 miles away. He will be semi living with me in September, as he'll be going to a college near me to finish his final year of his degree, and so we'll have at least 3 or 4 nights together a week from then. Just seems such an age away

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