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selfish git . . .

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Libb Sun 02-Jan-05 14:36:14

I have just had a full on strop at DP! . I don't strop very often but he really pushed it this time.

I have just made a donation to the disaster appeal, not a massive amount but it (I admit) will make a mark on next month's finances, but so what.

DP started huffing and puffing and getting really worked up about household bills, food etc etc - I am ashamed to say that I shrieked like a banshee at him! "well don't you miss out a month's payment to SkyPlus? - all you do is watch shitty sport and now you are begrudging this! you really are a selfish shit sometimes!"

I have never lost my temper like that before. I stomped into the kitchen and banged some pots about, he then came and said sorry. Not sure if he expects a medal for it but I am still a peeved. It is out of character for him to be so precious about it too, but that still no excuse.

I hate the fact that money can make me so ugly . sorry for griping, just had to dump that somewhere . . . .

snowyduck Sun 02-Jan-05 14:37:20

they are on another planet i think

JudgeFlounce Sun 02-Jan-05 14:40:45

Message deleted

Mum2girls Sun 02-Jan-05 15:02:24

As always, a subtle reaction from JF!!!

JudgeFlounce Sun 02-Jan-05 15:06:19

Message deleted

Mum2girls Sun 02-Jan-05 15:08:26

I'm with you there...

JudgeFlounce Sun 02-Jan-05 15:13:56

Message deleted

Libb Sun 02-Jan-05 15:16:24

lol! DS (7 months) just yanked his sideburns really hard - I guess it is a start!

JudgeFlounce Sun 02-Jan-05 15:21:20

Message deleted

Libb Sun 02-Jan-05 15:23:22

I might even start training HIM! I think you are too excited by the thought of hitting the menfolk in the nuts!

JudgeFlounce Sun 02-Jan-05 15:25:08

Message deleted

Twiglett Sun 02-Jan-05 15:47:08

I think emotions run high .. I think hormonally as a mother you feel so much closer to what's happening and the imagined pain of losing a child / family .. I certainly know that I've been hit very hard by everything that's going on .. and am partly sure it might have something to do with age of DD

I think your lovely DH was being momentarily self-preserving .. which is fine and he apologised .. sounds like a fantastic bloke if you ask me

I think your reaction was fine too ... blokes need a good telling-off every so often .. it keeps 'em on their toes

pixiefish Sun 02-Jan-05 15:53:30

Talking about nuts Judge- did you see the Vicar of Dibley last night when Geraldine elbowed Owen in the nuts- I can still giggle about it just thinking about it

JudgeFlounce Sun 02-Jan-05 15:54:50

Message deleted

pixiefish Sun 02-Jan-05 15:57:09

They were going to watch something on her pc- she told them all to crowd round her so that they could see it and then she told them to be quiet. Owen asks her if it would be ok to whisper and she just elbowed him in the nuts which were at her shoulder level as she was sat and he was stood behind her IYSWIM. You should see it to benefit from it really

Libb Sun 02-Jan-05 16:44:33

Thanks Twiglett, all is calm in the Libb household now. We had a group hug and then he went off to play PS2! oh well . . . like you say, he did stop and think for a moment.

sallystrawberry Sun 02-Jan-05 17:11:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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