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anyone elses dh/dp still at work?

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miranda2 Thu 23-Dec-04 20:30:41

8.30pm on Christmas eve eve - rang dh an hour ago and he said he's on page 49 of a 75 page report that he has to get out before leaving so as to have met his end-of-year objectives (as the office is then shut until after new year)! Guess he'll probably end up leaving c.10pm - this happens about once a fortnight, at least its not as bad as this time last year when it happened every night and I was going up the wall! Shan't complain as he has been very good this week, did the shopping on the way home last night (including writing hte shopping list thank goodness). But just wondered if anyone elses dh or dp is still at work - not counting people on shifts, but still at work by choice!

Festivepussy Thu 23-Dec-04 20:31:52

Got in about 5 mins ago gonna fall asleep now

OnZephyrstdayofXmas Thu 23-Dec-04 20:34:11

dp is still at work and won't be home til possibly close to midnight. He didnt have to be but he's desperate to earn the cash and is very stubborn so he's there. He's been gone till at least 9pm every night at the moment - has tomorrow off though thank god!!!

Colinsawmommykissingsantaclaus Thu 23-Dec-04 21:29:56

DH is still at work, but we are 8 hours behind you. The thing that gets me is that he will work until at least 7 pm on Christmas Eve (at least a 12 hour day), and will be at work bright and early on Christmas to put in a 4 hour shift. He is the boss, and while there is really no choice in working that much on CE, he will miss his family's x-mas party, and he didn't have to work Christmas, but he did, as he has done every year whether he's been in charge or not. He says he is doing other families a favor by letting them have their loved ones around longer, but I don't know how working a 6-10 am shift will really help that much.

stitch Thu 23-Dec-04 21:58:33

mine came home about an hour ago. then went out again. and when he came home today, was after having left for work on wednesday morning. will be working all day tomorrow. and told me to not bother getting a turkey in for christmas as noone coming just us and the kids. didnt get a tree this year either. But is because of issues with inlaws and own religion. (though i dont think christmas has anything to do with christianity)
if i know him, he will be working christmas day as well since it isnt a holiday in malaysia or bangladesh, and the internet and fax and phone still work..

you are not alone. i think its because men have different priorities

xmascaroltygirl Thu 23-Dec-04 22:03:58

Dh is working away too. He does work from home, which most of my family take to mean he doesn't work at all... but the fact is that he's at it all day and every evening until bedtime at the moment. He has already told me he will "try" to take all Christmas Day off, but that's it.

xmascaroltygirl Thu 23-Dec-04 22:04:45

Sorry, that sounded weird "working away", but "from home". It's an Irish turn of phrase meaning that he's hard at it!

stitch Thu 23-Dec-04 22:05:44

i agree with you xmas girl. most men who work from home seem to work longer hours

OnZephyrstdayofXmas Thu 23-Dec-04 23:46:29

dp has just phoned to say he'll be home from work in 20 mins - got to get him a key cut!!!!!

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