I have to say it somewhere… I HATE HER ARGHHHHH

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Aaa456789 Wed 08-Dec-21 13:28:32

Does anyone else have a MIL who has to much to say. Thinks she knows it all, but doesn’t realise how ridiculous she looks wile spouting all wrong information?

I can’t say it to anyone in RL, I visit as less as I can but yet she still infuriates me the sh*t she comes out with!!

Is this a normal MIL issue? Are they all the same?

How will I survive 🤣

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ReadyforTakeOff Wed 08-Dec-21 13:33:05

Yes entirely normal. My MIL is a stone cold loser - no ambitions, achieved nothing, has a limited view of the world etc but thinks she knows it all.

I need to ensure the kids don't listen to her BS.

IgneousRock Wed 08-Dec-21 13:34:51

Mine means well but she does have a problem with NEVER admitting she's wrong (even over something very minor).

Miggymoggymugwumps Wed 08-Dec-21 13:41:04

I cannot stand mine, she's a very selfish, demanding & manipulative old woman!
I know it sounds awful but I wouldn't care if I never ever saw her again!

Mumoblue Wed 08-Dec-21 13:46:28

My ex’s mother (DS’s grandmother) is a fucking chore. Puts her shitbag son above all else.
She’s previously dropped contact with my son because ex was mad at me and told her to. On that day I lost all respect for her.

itspartytime Wed 08-Dec-21 13:47:17

Mines a nosey cow.
There are a rare few who actually behave normally but they are hard to find in my opinion.

Shehasadiamondinthesky Wed 08-Dec-21 13:54:54

I'm a great MiL. My son and DiL chose to live with me and I never interfere or get in their way. We all get on great and if I disapprove of something I keep my mouth shut.


pog100 Wed 08-Dec-21 13:58:15

These generalising comments are utterly ridiculous. MIL are mother's of sons, which if my dodgy maths is correct, is more than half of all mothers. Even allowing for the slightly awkward situation that the DIL/MIL relationship can be, you cannot truthfully say anything negative about them in general, or even a majority.
There are many mentions in these pages of lovely supportive MIL, just as you would expect.

tearinghairout Wed 08-Dec-21 13:59:17

Well I can give you hope. You might have to be patient. Because yesterday I had the first proper conversation with MIL ever, it was the very first time that she actually asked me questions and listened to the answers, and even gave me a compliment! Mind you, I've known her for more than 30 years grin.

pog100 Wed 08-Dec-21 13:59:19

Edit: mothers of sons when written from a Mumsnet perspective.

Ilikeanimalsmorethanpeople Wed 08-Dec-21 13:59:22

My MIL has not been vaccinated at 80..personal choice and all that hmm and has been in close contact with someone who has covid and is refusing to isolate as apparently she doesn't have too...this from the woman who calls herself the human Google...

Mammma91 Wed 08-Dec-21 14:12:38

I used to absolutely hate my MIL. But a few weeks ago, she said to me (in text) that I make her son so happy and she couldn’t ask for a better mum for her grandson. I was in major shock i didn’t know what to say 😂. Now she seems to be coming to me a lot instead of her son. I very very rarely make any effort to visit though. I can take her in small doses.

DamnShesaSexyChick Wed 08-Dec-21 14:14:59

I hate my boyfriend’s mom, she was vile to me earlier this year and hasn’t apologised. I’m openly hostile towards her now, it’s actually really good fun.

Peanutmnm Wed 08-Dec-21 14:18:09

My MIL is excellent. Kind, friendly and totally helpful but careful to never overstep.

HirplesWithHaggis Wed 08-Dec-21 14:19:29

So none of your kids are going to settle down, marry or have DC themselves? Because that would make you MILs, y'know.

Phrenologistsfinger Wed 08-Dec-21 14:20:04

My MIL is lovely, I am really lucky! However my own mum is a selfish narcissistic hoarder, so you win some you lose some. blush

Hopingforabagofbuttons Wed 08-Dec-21 14:21:47

Yep . Hate my MIL, really really hate her. She slags me off to my daughter something wicked, but nice as pie to my face. She stays for 3 weeks at a time ( we live overseas). If I never saw her again I’d be absolutely ecstatic.

HollowTalk Wed 08-Dec-21 14:21:58

I'm a very good MIL! You have to know what's nothing to do with you, to know they want to experience things together and not necessarily with you, and to know that you love your child and trust they have found a lovely person.

NynaeveSedai Wed 08-Dec-21 14:24:02

My MIL is lovely! I've been divorced from her DS for years and still visit her and view her as my MIL. Just saying.

Holly60 Wed 08-Dec-21 14:28:07

My MIL was totally wonderful and I adored her. My DIL is like another daughter

maras2 Wed 08-Dec-21 14:28:40

I'm MIL to two.
I'm nice. halo
I had a MIL.
She was lovely. fsmile

FavouriteMug Wed 08-Dec-21 14:32:20

My MIL is absolutely lovely, and my own Mum is adored by all her children's spouses.

Whilst I agree that some people can be absolute arseholes, the 'horrible MIL' thing is a tired old trope often encouraged by the media.

Anyway, I plan to be a bloody fantastic MIL 😃

whiskersonkittenss Wed 08-Dec-21 14:32:57

Yes mine is the same. Nothing is good enough and unless she thinks of an idea then it's shit. She will then present it as her own idea later on. One of the many things I can't stand

5128gap Wed 08-Dec-21 14:33:12

Some women are not very nice. But there seems to be a particular lack of tolerance and underlying hostility in the MIL/DIL dynamic, where faults are exaggerated and good points overlooked in a way they aren't in other female relationships. A lot of it seems rooted in jockeying for pole position with the man they have in common, which is a shame, because there's room in his life for both.

Justilou1 Wed 08-Dec-21 14:36:27

@Mammma91 - if I received a text like that from my MIL, I’d know for sure she’d been hacked! The old trout has nothing nice to say about anyone!

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