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Do you eva feel Frumpy?

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Munnzieb Sun 14-Nov-04 21:32:58

I was just wondering If any of you guys ever seem to have 'frumpy' days and if so how you managed to get around it?


moomina Sun 14-Nov-04 21:34:58

Um, how about every day?

lulupop Sun 14-Nov-04 21:36:40

yes, I feel frumpy lumpy and dumpy all the time, even though I am quite slim and can look OK with enough slap and good lighting!

I just find everything I try on in shops never looks as good on me as it did on the hanger - it's really depressing.

My mum was really surprised to hear this and booked for us to have a makeup consultation on the Giorgio Armani counter in selfridges (£30 redeemable against purchases). I now have a much better makeup look so I know at least with 10 mins I can do something to improve things! Still need Trinny & Susannah to lob me £2grand to srot out my wardrobe though

unicorn Sun 14-Nov-04 21:37:32

the only time you don't is when you remove yourself from that frumpy envionment.
(I went to Barcelona for my 40th... didn't feel at all frumpy there!)

I think we all get stuck in a routine or rut.. and need to remind ourselves sometimes that ..actually we are OK!!!

MummyToSteven Sun 14-Nov-04 21:37:55

yep, feel frumpy. have taken to comfort eating after the birth as it is the easiest vice to indulge. combat it by buying new clothes that don't have elasticated waists(!) and are black

JoolsToo Sun 14-Nov-04 21:38:38

I always look DIVINE

blossomhill Sun 14-Nov-04 21:40:56

I was very frumpy after the birth of ds and dd. Now that they are more independent and at school I now how more time to worry about me. Infact I lived in a grey tracksuit to the point that dh thought it was sprayed on

I always try and look okayish for the school run. I run the straighteners through (about 5 mins) put on a tiny bit of natural looking make up and lip gloss. I always feel better for it

Munnzieb Sun 14-Nov-04 21:46:54

see, i'm like lulu and it's depressing, all my friends look nice and slim or tall but can get away with the addition pounds, but i haven't got the patience to diet! even thou i'd love a keira knightly body! so how do u make yourself taller anyways as i'm only 5.1 so I think that combined with additional weight is depressing! lol. but DH has jsut said i'm allowed some new 'dearing' clothes, even thou i prob won't wear then out of the house! (too self concious!)

blossomhill Sun 14-Nov-04 21:50:06

dark colours are very slimming.

mrsmiawallace Sun 14-Nov-04 21:54:44

i got on the scales today and was shocked!, feel frumpy, am frumpy and dont want to be frumpy!

sobernow Sun 14-Nov-04 21:55:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lowryn Sun 14-Nov-04 21:56:58

I am a frump. I haven't any money to spend on myself so I feel fat, frumpy and scruffy!

Munnzieb Sun 14-Nov-04 21:57:05

dark are slimming, but i like light and brihgt pastle shades as well, so how do we get around hiding the humps and bumps but still looking trendy and slim?

moomina Sun 14-Nov-04 21:57:53

mrsmiawallace - how can you possibly be frumpy with a name like that?!

mrsmiawallace Sun 14-Nov-04 21:58:43

i had a dd 18 months ago and discovered how to eat choc all day being a sahm!
ive got my coreset on in the movie!

mrsmiawallace Sun 14-Nov-04 21:59:09

x 2 lowryn!

Yorkiegirl Sun 14-Nov-04 22:03:30

Message withdrawn

charliecat Sun 14-Nov-04 22:04:43

Im a frump, im more than a frump actually im a blooming mess.

MummyToSteven Sun 14-Nov-04 22:04:49

charity shops? primark? asda? for cheap clothes?

lou33 Sun 14-Nov-04 23:02:22

every day. i don't look in the mirror

Munnzieb Sun 14-Nov-04 23:03:20


mrsmiawallace Sun 14-Nov-04 23:04:45

never look in full lengh mirror in bathroom when emerging from bath...

Munnzieb Mon 15-Nov-04 12:37:08

so what can we do then to get that sexy feelin back?

msann Mon 15-Nov-04 12:38:09

frumpy is normal isnt it????

listmaker Mon 15-Nov-04 12:42:33

I've put on loads of weight and have a huge arse but I've decided to accept it!! I have spent a fortune on new, trendy clothes that fit (even if they don't look quite the same on me as they did in the Next catalogue!). I always do my hair and make-up and that way I don't feel frumpy anymore.

As someone else said though I did feel a real frump for a few years but my dds are getting older and I have more time to devote to making myself 40 and fabulous!

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