I slightly fancy Dominic Cummings

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Naz12 Wed 21-Jul-21 21:48:52

I am disgusted at myself. How can I purge these feelings? I support labour and don’t really fancy bald narcissists so I am completely baffled.

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Imjustsootired Wed 21-Jul-21 21:50:01

Snap! 😁

MargotHeggerty Wed 21-Jul-21 21:50:50

Eww his teeth!!!

Greenwateringcan Wed 21-Jul-21 21:50:54

Oh god. No.

He looks a bit like my ex so it’s a firm no from me.

adrianmolesmole Wed 21-Jul-21 21:51:38

You must be really hard up, OP!

crankysaurus Wed 21-Jul-21 21:52:15

Good god, go and wash your mouth out with gin right away young lady!

Usedtolikebeet Wed 21-Jul-21 21:52:24

Oh dear god…he is a weasel…you need help!!


ohfook Wed 21-Jul-21 21:52:38

I thought this was happening to me too until I watched the interview. I think he photographs well but isn't actually good looking irl and he's confident which helps massively.

Skiptheheartsandflowers Wed 21-Jul-21 21:53:12

If it helps, he thinks you're unspeakably stupid. I can say that with confidence as he thinks that about everyone.

Ozberry Wed 21-Jul-21 21:53:33

Bad times OP. Bad times...

AnneLovesGilbert Wed 21-Jul-21 21:54:40

Please seek professional help. I’m worried for you.

Sarahlou63 Wed 21-Jul-21 21:54:52

Supremely confident and brain the size of a (rather unstable) planet. Yeah, I can understand the attraction.

pilates Wed 21-Jul-21 21:55:53

🐍 that’s what I see

Fangsalot89 Wed 21-Jul-21 21:56:24

Get out 🤣

Buttybach Wed 21-Jul-21 21:57:04

Oh dear... he has a head like a space raider crisp!

MartyHart Wed 21-Jul-21 21:58:44

Look at his many awful outfits ugh

mum2jakie Wed 21-Jul-21 21:58:56

Gross! Pathetic self serving little weasel

ArseInTheCoOpWindow Wed 21-Jul-21 21:59:32

I fancy Dominic Raab. I feel nothing but shame….

But it’s his voice, it’s so firm and soothing. My knees quiver😳

I’m not disinterested in Cummings either.

I’ve also voted Labour all my life.

FunnyWonder Wed 21-Jul-21 21:59:38

This is in Relationships. Are you his wife?

WasThisSexist Wed 21-Jul-21 21:59:48

Wow, but ok. We all have our urges. Suggest you find a man who looks rather like him but definitely isn’t the actual him.

55BrilliantColours Wed 21-Jul-21 22:00:58

Christ on a hike.... I used to think he was a powerful untouchable evil psychopath with an overaweing intellect. And I despaired for our society.
Clearly and increasingly every time he opens his spindly tight little mouth it becomes obvious he's just a self obsessed, mediocre fantasist with a massively over exaggerated sens of his own importance and intelligence, and a positive hatred of other people, all other people.

armanted Wed 21-Jul-21 22:01:40

It's the heat woman, it's turned you doolally!

SteveArnottsWaistcoat Wed 21-Jul-21 22:01:45

Carrie, don’t do it.

GingerBeverage Wed 21-Jul-21 22:02:31


Carrie, don’t do it.

Alternatively, Carrie, your taste is improving.

Hanger0n Wed 21-Jul-21 22:03:02


I am disgusted at myself. How can I purge these feelings? I support labour and don’t really fancy bald narcissists so I am completely baffled.

You utter pervert! I used to quite fancy Ed Vaizey.... blush

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