I have a date

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gingerface40 Sat 17-Jul-21 19:36:21

..... and that is it, I have a date! We are going out for Sunday lunch.

Will u wear a dress or jeans and a top?

What do I do? I haven't done this for so long, my ex never took me out, so I am nervous as hell!

Any advice please xx

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mumjustmum Sat 17-Jul-21 19:54:15

I'm in the south and it's scorching hot so I'd wear a dress and flat sandals/nice flip flops. Only if you're comfortable in a dress though. If not, jeans. You have to be comfortable.

Can you take photos of the options?

Also, how exciting! How did this come about?

Jumpinginwithbothfeet Sat 17-Jul-21 19:55:10

Wear whatever you are most comfortable in! Just be yourself. I was super nervous on my first date after my break up but it turned out fine. Have fun hope it goes well x

mumjustmum Sat 17-Jul-21 19:56:05

And if it is hot where you are, keep the makeup minimal and go for the sunkissed look instead. Maybe even hair up?
Nothing worse than sweat beads to wreck a good contour!

Funk2funky Sat 17-Jul-21 20:14:59

Dress definitely

gingerface40 Sat 17-Jul-21 21:27:07

Yeah I have like a yellow type dress from Boohoo, I had a lovely black dress on last night when I was out with work, but he's seen me in that.

I am in the North, we got talking on FB as I know his brother, he's 4 years younger too!

It is scorching here. I have a feeling I might not go, so I am forcing myself to go.
It's only lunch

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mumjustmum Sat 17-Jul-21 21:41:54

You have to go, you already have the yellow dress.


Nuggetnugget Sat 17-Jul-21 21:44:51

Oh of course go 👏👏👏

StarlightLady Sun 18-Jul-21 05:59:40

The yellow dress! And go! Not going would be not fair on him or you.

And jeans will be far to hot.

StarlightLady Sun 18-Jul-21 06:00:14

Correction: Too hot. I can’t type.

Weenurse Sun 18-Jul-21 06:02:17

Do not put pressure on yourself,
Look at it as possibly making a new friend.
Good luck

gingerface40 Sun 18-Jul-21 10:02:11

I have asked if he fancies going to the beach instead, it's too nice to sit in 😍

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mumjustmum Sun 18-Jul-21 11:00:16

Great shout!

Purplecatshopaholic Sun 18-Jul-21 11:51:49

Nice dress. Beach. Sounds fab - have a great time

gingerface40 Sun 18-Jul-21 13:18:24

Well he's text this morning to say where and when replied and haven't heard anything. Suppose to be meeting at 4. Is this the brush off?

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gingerface40 Sun 18-Jul-21 14:22:53

I've been pied off 🤣🤣! Oh well

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Bbub Sun 18-Jul-21 14:52:42

Oh wow his loss op, but soooo annoying when that happens. Or did he come back yet

gingerface40 Sun 18-Jul-21 15:07:45

No not at all! It's fine tho! I had a gut feeling xx

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SecretOfChange Sun 18-Jul-21 15:33:26

No point in crying over fish in the sea grin

RosaMoline Sun 18-Jul-21 15:37:42

What was his excuse?

gingerface40 Sun 18-Jul-21 16:47:54

Haven't even got on! It's the good old ghost again!

Christ he was all over it last night! Probably scared!

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Jonjojobs123 Sun 18-Jul-21 16:54:11

What an arse!!! Why oh why do people do this, i know are taking it in good spirits but i think it's completely shit!!

Blossomandbee Sun 18-Jul-21 17:08:22

Are you sure he's not just gone to the place you said without replying to confirm?

Workinghardeveryday Sun 18-Jul-21 17:14:17

@gingerface40 lucky escape!! How very rude to not even txt!
Roll on Mr Right 😁, he will be there before you know it xx

gingerface40 Sun 18-Jul-21 17:22:03

Eeeh I've had a lad I was seeing about 6 month do the same, but he had an avoidant personality and I think some sort of cocaine addiction.

Christ i pick them! Is there any sites where people are actually normal?

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