Just want to talk about what happened this evening

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OnlyEverZac Sat 08-May-21 23:01:07

Managed to pluck up the courage and called DV line but was busy.

I just want to be able to finally talk

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Lottieeshborn Sat 08-May-21 23:02:15

You have a voice.... use it! Not meaning that in a patronising way, saying as a Whoooo, use it girl x

katieak Sat 08-May-21 23:07:07

Would it help to talk here?

anothermonthbitesthedust Sat 08-May-21 23:07:36

@OnlyEverZac what happened this evening

tinatsarina Sat 08-May-21 23:09:19

We aren't busy, there are loads of us here ready to hear you. flowers

Blacktothepink Sat 08-May-21 23:10:47

We’re listening.

whippitwoowoo Sat 08-May-21 23:11:47

It’s a brave step. I wish it was available in the 90’s.
Mumsnet could’ve helped me recognise abuse.


EvilOnion Sat 08-May-21 23:12:18

I see you.

Well done for recognising your situation and picking up the phone. That was a very big (and very scary) first step to freedom. 💐

Blacktothepink Sat 08-May-21 23:17:15

Lots of us here have been where you are now flowers

Onthedunes Sat 08-May-21 23:23:32

We are listening and many will be here all night.
Brave lady.

Mylittlepony374 Sat 08-May-21 23:25:55

You're very brave to make that call. You can do this.

peachcherries Sat 08-May-21 23:28:34

That takes so much courage OP. Please keep trying. There are several DV helplines you could try. Have a Google if you don't have all the numbers
You deserve to be free. You can do this OP.

JetBlackSteed Sat 08-May-21 23:30:00

Good for you! Talk here meantime?

MrsOrMiss Sat 08-May-21 23:30:42

Well done OP!
You've got this lovely.

OnlyEverZac Sat 08-May-21 23:34:31

All I asked was what he gave LO to eat earlier, he muffled something, so I asked again, he replied aggressively choc muffin. I questioned why because LO not had any dinner or much throughout the day as hes been ill. And it just started from there. He told me to shut my fucking mouth, called me a cunt and more. All because I asked him why he gave LO a chocolate muffin when hes not had dinner. This is a constant occurrence, I can never question his parenting or shall I say lack of it.

I got annoyed and answered back and questioned why he keeps giving LO junk when it's his dinner time. He fed him coke and crisps. Again he told me repeatedly to STFU or he will throw his cup of tea over me. I got up stormed off to the kitchen to clear up but kept talking, he got my water bottle and hurled it towards me, then threw the remote at me, then the ketchup at full force, then he got the glass bottle to throw and I stopped talking. All this was done while he was holding LO

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Dragongirl10 Sat 08-May-21 23:39:15

Hi op👐
He sounds horrible and abusive and while holding your child... so very glad that you have reached out...we are listening..

ScabbyHorse Sat 08-May-21 23:40:09

What the hell? That is awful of him. Has he been violent before?

BeenHereForAges Sat 08-May-21 23:45:24

Call them again OP.

You & your baby deserve so much better than this.

Good luck to you.

BlackDaffodil Sat 08-May-21 23:55:09

Keep safe OP, and keep trying the DV line 🌸💕

OnlyEverZac Sat 08-May-21 23:58:27

He has previously hit, kicked and punched me. Dragged me off the coffee table when I went to open the window during an argument, he threw me to the floor and I landed awkwardly on to my knee, I could not get up and had to beg him to help me. A few days later he head butted, my nose would not stop bleeding for hours I begged him to take me to A&E eventually he did. I had put I knee support strap as my knee was still in agony from the days earlier. I remember the doctor checking my nose to see if it was broken and then she started questioning me about my knee, I made out like I was ditsy and smiled, I remember her looking at me with a raised eyebrow. I wish she asked me more because I would have cracked

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shetlandponies Sun 09-May-21 00:00:09

Keep trying the DV line

We are here and listening

How old is your child? Your partner sounds absolutely awful. I've been where you are with a nasty abusive man who was also a shitty useless dad. and we successfully left ...was one of the happiest times of my life breaking free.
you can do it too x

Igmum Sun 09-May-21 00:02:37

Keep calling them. Can you report him to the Police now? I've been there and my biggest regret is not pressing charges. Believe me it will be so much better when you are free from him. Are there friends or family you could go to? thanks

faithfulbird20 Sun 09-May-21 00:02:50

I was going to say maybe something else is going on or that was normal behaviour he saw as a child and it's not okay. However ur last post about head butting etc omg I'd leave!!! He needs to get proper help!!

faithfulbird20 Sun 09-May-21 00:04:08

This kind of behaviour is NOT OKAY especially in front of a child. You need to leave...

Embracelife Sun 09-May-21 00:04:52

Next time tell the doctor the truth
You can Say "can I speak to you privately?"
Hiding it helps no one you need to leave tomorrow if you can without alerting him
Could you take baby to friends or family tomorrow?
Then call from there.
He is going to hurt you again and baby too.
There is help

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