If tonight was the last supper?

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mumjustmum Tue 04-May-21 22:56:41

If tonight/this evening/the last day or time you saw your partner/DH/OH/partner or person you're dating was the deciding moment in whether you'd see them again ever, would you?

My husbands behaviour tonight and over the last few days despite discussions on it, no, if he were a new partner, I'd block and move on.

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YouAreTheStorm Wed 05-May-21 08:26:59

I guess we all have good and bad days - it depends, if they are consistently rude/annoying/obnoxious.

Plus a new partner, you are both on best behaviour and rarely see those annoying/grumpy traits.

What's going on?

Shoxfordian Wed 05-May-21 10:10:23

What’s happened?

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