Polly and her Dollies continue to improve in every way

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StuckInPollyannaMode Mon 26-Apr-21 11:13:58

Can’t believe it, but here we are on Thread 5!

Thread 4 here

Just back from a 4.5 mile run - bit cold this morning! I’ve sea monkeys growing in the kitchen, soaps hardening in the bathroom, and the carpets are full of glitter. They had a great weekend!

The thumb also seems to be improving. Phew.

All on today to prep for tomorrow’s meeting with Geller. He really does seem broken. But I will not waiver.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and all health ailments are on the mend. Time to slap on some moisturiser - caught the sun this weekend - but look much better for it!

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Lougle Mon 26-Apr-21 11:17:09

Glad to find you again smile

Welshgal85 Mon 26-Apr-21 11:19:29

Glad you and the girls had a lovely weekend of celebrations! Hope the meeting goes as well as it can tomorrow

Mummapenguin20 Mon 26-Apr-21 11:25:06

Go polly x

FelicityPike Mon 26-Apr-21 11:40:44


Starbonnet123 Mon 26-Apr-21 11:43:43

So pleased to hear your weekend was fab . Loving the new title too .
On another note I've got you back in my watching box so I don't have to search for you every time I want to check in smile

Newestname001 Mon 26-Apr-21 12:06:31

Well done for going on your run, OP! I'm cheering you from the comfort of the sofa! 😃

Glad the girls had a fab time - hurrah!! 🌹

Mix56 Mon 26-Apr-21 12:08:36

he's not broken, just feeling sorry for himself as he has to fend for himself.
Just remember whatever it was that he did that made you so furious a few days ago if the vaguest flutter of empathy crosses your mind

LadyDanburysHat Mon 26-Apr-21 12:12:51

So lovely to hear that your girls had a great birthday, despite Geller. Inwards and upwards.

RandomMess Mon 26-Apr-21 12:21:03

He has always been this broken you just covered up for him.

Iamthe4thH Mon 26-Apr-21 12:26:35

So glad they had a lovely birthday.
He might be broken but he broke himself. You did not cause this and are not responsible for him

pointythings Mon 26-Apr-21 12:37:04

'You did it to yourself' is a lyric from one of my favourite Linkin Park songs. Take heed and don't let him do sad puppy dog eyes at you.

So glad you had a good weekend! We are well here, DD2 recovering properly and neck deep in A level assessments.

DartmoorDoughnut Mon 26-Apr-21 13:32:53

He is not broken he’s just sulking that he has to share ‘his’ money and actually do some parenting.

CharityDingle Mon 26-Apr-21 14:28:26

Love the new title! grin

Fooshufflewickjbannanapants Mon 26-Apr-21 14:31:12

Hellooo! So glad their birthday was fabulous. Steel yourself for tomorrow, he's not broken, he's acting, he's a manipulative wassock who is emotionally abusive, he's the sort of knobhead who hides pension pots, the cockwomble who won't organise a piss up in a brewery NOT because he can't but because he believes he is far too superior to be bothered, in short he's a cunt and you are a fucking ninja badass mother fluffer.

Justilou1 Mon 26-Apr-21 15:02:38

Bet he’s managing perfectly fine and dandy at work...

SpringCrocus Mon 26-Apr-21 15:06:30

Found you! You dropped off my watch list, so belated Happy Birthday to the girls, and Well Done Polly!

PanamaPattie Mon 26-Apr-21 15:38:17

Not broken. He’s acting to get your sympathy. Take no prisoners.

drspouse Mon 26-Apr-21 18:03:02

Glad their birthday was all you hoped for!

I0NA Mon 26-Apr-21 18:12:54


Not broken. He’s acting to get your sympathy. Take no prisoners.

This. If you feel yourself weakening, just remember all these years when you thought you were hard up and he had half a million pounds in savings hidden from you.

NeverDropYourMoonCup Mon 26-Apr-21 18:30:51

And he did something recently that you described as would have ended your marriage in itself.

You don't have to go at him all Beserker - a Ninja Asassain is just as effective. And keeps the hair in place better.

Newestname001 Mon 26-Apr-21 18:36:34

*You don't have to go at him all Beserker - a Ninja Asassain is just as effective. And keeps the hair in place better.*

I like this! ^ Sounds like a lesson for life... 😃

StuckInPollyannaMode Mon 26-Apr-21 22:06:58

I won’t go berserk!!

this has just made me howl - have a look...

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RandomMess Mon 26-Apr-21 22:41:33

We have a Samsung, I tell DH "she's singing to you again"


Proper love affair they have!

Justilou1 Tue 27-Apr-21 01:41:27

Holy Shitballs! Schubert would be spinning in his grave if he knew they’d done that to “Die Forelle”. (It’s a wee ditty about a flipping trout, btw...) I would have to brick that bloody machine.

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