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He went out to buy socks and 2 hours later he was moving out.

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rainbowdashsneeze Sun 07-Mar-21 02:20:54

Here goes. Yesterday morning my partner went out to buy socks and 2 hours later he had started moving his stuff out. Now he has stripped my house and living elsewhere.
For context he has been struggling following sick leave at work. He has spend months on his Xbox whilst on sick ignoring me when I speak to him getting annoyed and saying abusing things to me. The run up to this has been him saying he can't cope with family life etc etc.
He now won't speak to me and his family say they've spoken to him abd they can't help no more.
I'm heartbroken I loved this man so much I gave him everything all my heart and love.
I don't know what to do or how to cope at all. I'm crying and In so much pain.

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RickiTarr Sun 07-Mar-21 02:26:55

That’s awful. Such a shock for you. flowers

I would do everything you can to distract yourself for two or three days and not to attempt to talk to him or his family until that time has passed. You might say things you will later regret while you’re still in shock. Just hunker down with comforts foods, treats and films and friends for a couple of days.

Do you have DC or joint tenancy or mortgage? If you’ve anything like that, he will have to talk to you at some stage if only to make practical arrangements.

seensome Sun 07-Mar-21 02:27:05

Sorry to hear this, it didn't seem a nice situation to be in anyway. However hard it is now, it's for the best, he sounds like a badly behaved teenager, leave him to stop elsewhere and realise what he's lost.
You deserve much better that.

BlueThistles Sun 07-Mar-21 02:43:14

Do nothing ....

you look after you and be kind to yourself OP 🌺

lydia2021 Sun 07-Mar-21 02:58:32

Never waste a second waiting for this man.... hes cowardly and cruel... no explanation. Whatever he gave you it wasnt love. You deserve better... hold out for it next time. You clearly love deeply.... he doesnt. Wipe away the tears. Do something just for you. Watch a box set or make a lovely meal for yourself. Forget him, hes not worth your time or love

GeeBranzi Sun 07-Mar-21 03:04:14

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1forAll74 Sun 07-Mar-21 03:31:34

He sounds quite immature and unstable, and not worthy of all your feelings towards him. You will be upset of course, but will he be upset,?

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