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Bloody stroking his legs

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Dinosaursobsessedson Tue 23-Feb-21 22:21:53

So tonight oh was sulking because I wouldn’t stroke/ massage his friggen legs!
It was nearing 7pm i needed to put my dc5 to bed, read with dc9.
Sort uniforms etc...
the dogs where on my knee wanting attention and i was enjoying a quick cuppa.
Anyone else have a need oh who wants to be pandered to who are oblivious to the night routine or chores..
Sometimes I think il be better single 😏

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harknesswitch Tue 23-Feb-21 22:41:49

Tell him you'll stroke his legs after he's put the kids in the bath, read to them and put them to bed

Dery Tue 23-Feb-21 23:33:54

“Tell him you'll stroke his legs after he's put the kids in the bath, read to them and put them to bed”


MarkRuffaloCrumble Tue 23-Feb-21 23:39:42

DP likes his arm stroked when I sit next to him on the sofa. I’d find it really ticklish and annoying but I do it for him. If he was demanding it and getting sulky when I didn’t he could fuck off. But he also rubs my feet for about half an hour every time too, so he earns it. What does your OH do for YOU?

Dinosaursobsessedson Wed 24-Feb-21 05:54:04

@MarkRuffaloCrumble not a lot in the week as he works full time & I don’t
Maybe a cuppa or occasional rub my feet

@Dery lol 🤪as if

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hellywelly3 Wed 24-Feb-21 06:18:31

Tell him your working day isn’t over until the kids are in bed. If he helps with that you’ll have some energy left to rub his bloody legs

YellowandGreenToBeSeen Wed 24-Feb-21 06:23:14

What a massive turn off - a needy man child who can’t put his own kids to bed.

DinosaurDiana Wed 24-Feb-21 06:27:57

He sounds like a child who wants petting by his mother. Ew.

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