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Where's the poster who always said 'ah lass'

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Fortunefavours1 Tue 23-Feb-21 22:18:52

.... or something along those lines? She (he?) Would comment on threads using the word lass, it was so comforting. Haven't seen her comments in a while and hope she's ok.

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2020Won Tue 23-Feb-21 22:46:07

I think that was MrsMozart maybe?

Cherrysoup Tue 23-Feb-21 23:27:36

Live and kicking on another forum. I’l link her this. She’ll like knowing she’s missed, I think!

Fluffyandsilly Tue 23-Feb-21 23:29:55

This makes me think of Phyllis from Call The Midwife. The older, northern midwife.
If I ever had to be nursed in hospital I’d like it to be by someone like her! grin

OnceUponAMidnightBeery Wed 24-Feb-21 00:07:34

I miss her too. Her ‘lass’ felt like a hug, unmumsnetty or not.

customwatkins Wed 24-Feb-21 01:52:38

I think MN could do with a few more 'ahh lasses'! She sounds lovely!

LovePoppy Wed 24-Feb-21 02:02:26


Live and kicking on another forum. I’l link her this. She’ll like knowing she’s missed, I think!

Whoa, whoa, whoa

There are other forums?!


Fortunefavours1 Wed 24-Feb-21 11:30:14

@2020Won oh yes that's her username

Yes please do, thanks.

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MrsMozartMkII Sun 28-Feb-21 07:17:41

Well hello y'all!

Sorry I've not been around to spread the hugs that is the 'lass'. Life got busy and I realised I was spending more time than I should've been on here (see comment about Life getting busy!). I'll try and get back with my unmmumsnetty hugs 🤗💗

ThisTooShallBeFantastic Sun 28-Feb-21 07:27:51

Welcome back Mrs M!

ReggaetonLente Sun 28-Feb-21 07:31:07

I posted when in seemingly endless early labour and she said it to me. I was so comforted! Sounds so silly but it was nice!

Doublevodka Sun 28-Feb-21 07:36:06

Welcome back MrsM. X

Fortunefavours1 Sun 28-Feb-21 21:27:04

Welcome back! It's been the same without you.

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Fortunefavours1 Sun 28-Feb-21 22:40:15

Hasn't been the same without you, that ahould say

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Weirdfan Sun 28-Feb-21 23:35:23

Always loved your posts MrsM, like a warm hug. You were very kind to me (under one of my old usernames) once when I really needed it so I'm glad to see you getting a bit of appreciation, well deserved smile

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