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Somamas Fri 12-Feb-21 04:39:07

I'm married,have postpartum depression,my nephew died new years day who is like a brother to me and he died a tragic death on my dead grandmother birthday January 1st 2021 and I feel like my husband is not listening to me, not really thinking about my feelings when I try to talk about it I end up getting blamed and he tells me I'm not the only one going through things and if he does something that hurts my feelings I'm an open book I tell him off top and than he acts like I'm bitching or trying to make him stress out because I'm stressed out. I been asking my self is this true because misery does like company or am I really just going through alot and need him to support me more than he is but then it's like the weight I got on my chest os to heavy for him even my own mother but that's a different story I feel like this is a trial and one of the worst times in my life and we are being tested and he is failing as my husband or I'm needy idk

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