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Don’t mention the jasmine!

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StuckInPollyannaMode Sun 31-Jan-21 10:47:36

Can’t believe I’m onto my third thread.

Previous one here

Been packing the car to go to the tip. It’s rammed! Cat has been out for the first time and thankfully returned.

Greatly enjoyed my walks this weekend. Got an 8 miler in yesterday but the best part was coming back, lighting the fire and getting into a hot bath. Had a zoom with friends last night, touch too much red wine, but it was so much fun.

You’re all right re the petition. It doesn’t matter, he’s just jackbooting. Someone asked what I’d put in, sorry but I’m not comfortable sharing that at present, been advised to keep it to myself whilst it’s ongoing.

Geller is, however, incredulous that I’m not willing to carry on sharing Amazon Prime and Music Unlimited.

The weighted blankets have arrived so I’m just about to go sort out the laundry and the girls run. Been enjoying Radio 2’s musical weekend, but I can’t understand how Steve Wright is still on.

Tip run, then they come back. Roast chicken with bread sauce and roast gnocchi and board games this afternoon in front of the fire I think. Sounds like he’s been running them ragged, lots of walks etc which is good as means I don’t need to!

How’s everyone else spending their Sunday?

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FelicityPike Sun 31-Jan-21 10:53:08

Your lunch/ dinner smells great!
I’ve no plans for today (currently sitting in my jimmers), but DH is building an office desk and he’s not the handiest of men! Probably take our DD to the park while he’s busy.
Oh and I’m cleaning the fish tank, so there is that.

dexterslockedintheshedagain Sun 31-Jan-21 10:57:41

Nothing to comment, except that you're doing brilliantly. It's not easy, but you're strong and setting a wonderful example to your children. For you daffodilthanks

tiredvommachine Sun 31-Jan-21 10:58:41

You're doing great @StuckInPollyannaMode, lovely to read how you're blooming. Slow and sure will win this race flowers

DartmoorDoughnut Sun 31-Jan-21 11:00:16

I’m off to get my first dose of the vaccine aka it’s my prick day grin followed by roast chicken and a fire also

user13752257 Sun 31-Jan-21 11:01:06


pointythings Sun 31-Jan-21 11:13:51

Yep, you're doing fabulously. We did all our stuff yesterday - installed new shelving for clothes in DD2's room because hers was falling apart. Today I'm doing a slow cooked beef curry and am baking some gluten free raspberry and white choc blondies. We're also planning the revamp of our living room, which we've wanted to do for years but never got round to - half term week it's happening.

REignbow Sun 31-Jan-21 11:16:27

Stand firm on not sharing Amazon etc. He is still obviously of the mind set that you’ll do everything for him. Just don’t! Smile, nod and then send to the SHL.

Roasted gnocchi...please share the recipe!

StuckInPollyannaMode Sun 31-Jan-21 11:26:49

All your Sunday plans sound lovely, enjoy your prick day @DartmoorDoughnut!

Raspberry and white choc is one of my favourite combos.

Hit a bit of a lull now, need to push through it for another half and hour then have an early lunch.

Roast gnocchi is ever so easy. Heat oven - erm I think to about 180/190 - I always do them at the same time as other stuff so just fling them in - empty a bag of gnocchi into a baking dish so they’re in a single layer - drizzle with glue of olive oil - toss - pop in oven for about 30 minutes, turning halfway through.

Great alternative to roast potatoes when you can’t be arsed. Just watch they don’t get too well done as they go like bullets! I get them to be nicely golden with some brown bits, like them a bit crunchy.

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frazzledasarock Sun 31-Jan-21 11:30:43

Roast gnocchi please share the recipe.

We’ve got a family walk planned then home made chicken and chips for lunch, DC3 requested it. We’re at the use everything in the freezer stage, before doing big shops next week.

Hope you have a calm Sunday.

And I second not sharing your amazon account. Is he deliberately being obtuse of course you don’t share accounts of anything anymore. Make sure your DC don’t have it on their laptops for him to copy the password.

drspouse Sun 31-Jan-21 11:35:53

My mum tried to get us to share our Netflix "because all my friends get to share their children's accounts" erm NO partly because we are not logging her in again every time she gets logged out!

frazzledasarock Sun 31-Jan-21 11:39:21

DH shares ours with family also shares the Disney+ account.

Im going to try the roast gnocchi next weekend when we do roast dinner. Thank you!

RandomMess Sun 31-Jan-21 11:39:46

It sounds, like we predicted, he completely expected you to carry on with the "wifework" and you aren't actually divorcing 🙄

Sorry but I feel like you guys have become a micro community so I'm Really sorry to derail the thread again but in the 7 weeks since I had my stroke, my Mum died on Christmas Eve - I am very low contact with parents and it was expected BUT her last 3 weeks were in hospital and they didn't let my Dad visit until she was unconscious 🤬😢 she was supposed to be in a few days for her leg ulcer so how they could have not known her decline and put her on end of life pathway I will never know.

Then even worse our utterly adored cat was killed by a lurcher type dog in our garden on Thursday. We are all beyond heartbroken he adored us and has been my youngest night nanny from when he arrived over 11 years ago until she was about 12. He had his rota to spend cuddle time with each of us everyday. His litter sister is looking for him. He was cat in a million (DH has had a LOT of cats) and it's just so so so awful for us all sad

Honestly my tolerance for Gellar being pathetic is completely non-existent now. You really are going to have to grey rock him. Even now his priority is him and money.

I'd give thousands to have Charlie back for him to have his last days with us when his time had come and it's indignant that as a high earner with a massive pension pot about paying for his own Amazon Prime FFS when his own children were less important than him having the lates iPad 🤬🤬🤬🤬

frazzledasarock Sun 31-Jan-21 11:45:41

Oh Random I’m so so sorry for your loss.

I don’t have words really. I’m very low contact with my family and dread this happening.

Really heartbreaking about your cat, we have five and when one of ours died the others mourned him, it was so utterly heartbreaking as I couldn’t tell them where he was.

Much love to you and your family

StuckInPollyannaMode Sun 31-Jan-21 11:47:56

Oh @RandomMess - huge great big hugs and thank you for sharing with us so we can support you. I’m so very sorry, what a time you’ve all had. To lose a beloved pet that way, my heart goes out to you.

Be kind to yourself. We’re here for you.

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dexterslockedintheshedagain Sun 31-Jan-21 11:48:24

@RandomMess that's truly awful. Very unmumsnetty hugs for you x

RandomMess Sun 31-Jan-21 11:55:46

@StuckInPollyannaMode I'm sure you have trusted friends you could share this subscriptions with unlike you know who!

Thank you everyone. We all keep still randomly bursting into tears. We never got to say goodbye, he was instantly killed.

My Mum had cancer for 6.5 years so there was to time to reconcile but the last time I met up with them it took me a couple of weeks to get over it at which point I had to accept I just wasn't emotionally/mentally strong enough to spend time with them.

FelicityPike Sun 31-Jan-21 12:12:46

@RandomMess I’m so sorry flowers

pointythings Sun 31-Jan-21 12:14:54

@RandomMess so very sorry to hear you are going through such sad times. flowers

LannieDuck Sun 31-Jan-21 12:26:48

OP, I've missed the jasmine reference... I can't figure out a way to ask about it without mentioning the jasmine..!

Random What an awful few weeks for you, I'm so sorry flowers

Ohalrightthen Sun 31-Jan-21 12:29:36

Oh @RandomMess how awful, huge hugs to you

WeeDangerousSpike Sun 31-Jan-21 12:46:12

Oh @RandomMess I'm so so sorry for your losses sad

Our lovely cat passed away suddenly 3 weeks ago, and I genuinely fell to the floor sobbing after I gave the vet permission to pts. It sounds dramatic and over the top, but in the moment I just didn't have the strength to stand. I so empathise with the wish to have the time again, they're never here for long enough. sad

Ours was also DDs best friend, and she his, he would play peek a boo with her when she was tiny, and would spend hours sitting with her while she played. I keep 'seeing' him out of the corner of my eye, in a shadow, or an out of place cushion, or a pair of shoes discrded in a corner, and my heart breaks all over again.

RandomMess Sun 31-Jan-21 12:53:02

I screamed and screamed and screamed outside the vets and in my car blush it was a mixture of rage, raw grief, and the unfairness of it - why him out of the dozen cats that live in our cul de sac.

RandomMess Sun 31-Jan-21 12:58:26

Where we lived before he used to walk the DC to school up to where they crossed the road and after school he would be sat waiting in the tree and walk back with them.

He used to literally lay on the youngest so she couldn't get out of bed and had to go to sleep, always there for story time.

He used to come on dog walks with us.

We were so relieved to move to a quiet cul de sac with the woods so they both safe from being knocked down.

No last cuddles, not even a couple of days of knowing they are unwell and making the most of it just case sad he always demanded belly rubs in the evening when on my lap (well hanging off as he was huge). You could do anything to him, clip his fur, take blood, take tablet, claws never came out - complete Mr Chill.

DartmoorDoughnut Sun 31-Jan-21 13:02:52

@RandomMess that is utterly horrific, I am so so sorry

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