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Just asked DP "why?" in response to "I love you"

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Gobolino80 Thu 21-Jan-21 23:43:21

He said there were too many reasons, I responded with "you're smooth, give me the top 3 at least"- No 1, "I'm good in the kitchen" - absolute piss take, I am good in the kitchen and we have many jokey arguments about conforming to gender stereotypes but I can cook and he's always hungry so he can have that. No 2 "you're really good at crochet" - again, absolute piss take because that's literally all I do at the moment, whilst watching true crime documentaries dressed in leggings and a hoodie covered in cat fur, with a bra on only if it's a work day. No 3 - "because we're getting through this together and that's not easy and life has been weird and hard but we always laugh and we've not killed each other and I'm really proud of that" - and I really didn't know what to say to that because it's true, and he's never usually that sentimental but that was lovely.

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MarkRuffaloCrumble Thu 21-Jan-21 23:48:36

Ah he sounds lovely. If you can have a laugh you can get through most things!

Gobolino80 Fri 22-Jan-21 00:04:52

@MarkRuffaloCrumble that is so true. We laugh at the darkest stuff sometimes but I really believe that's what makes the bad stuff easier to bear.

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SarahBellam Fri 22-Jan-21 05:56:05

You’ve got a good’un there. It’s nice to see a lovely post about men.

BestOption Fri 22-Jan-21 05:58:43

Awww. He's a (rare) keeper!!

Does he have an older (single) brother?

Lockdownisshit Fri 22-Jan-21 08:13:17

This is nice to read after all the problems
Mine included i was going off me for life

ravenmum Fri 22-Jan-21 08:15:06

When is the film coming out? I'd watch it smile

247SylviaPlath Fri 22-Jan-21 17:51:16

That’s love. Getting through all the shit life throws at you together somehow - this made me smile - thanks OP 🙂

Cheeseandwin5 Sun 24-Jan-21 19:33:49

He does sound lovely.
Sorry I would say don't be surprised if you have to wait some time again for him to say it again, if every time he does he gets interogated. Maybe an idea wound be to tell him you love him and then list jokey reasons you do

MaverickDanger Sun 24-Jan-21 19:38:11

I often jokingly say to DH “what do you love the most about me” & normally get a “your face” or generic body part as a reply.

Today I got a similar response to you OP of “we’ve survived 8 years of you & me with no support, a year of lockdown and a newborn, there’s no one I’d rather do this with. Or be able to do this with”.

We lived abroad far from family for a number of years and even now, are 200 miles from the closest family so it does very much feel like us against the world.

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