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Support Bubbles advice please

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NaughtyNell Wed 20-Jan-21 21:40:26

Thank you everyone x

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booboo24 Wed 20-Jan-21 21:26:31

So sorry to hear about your son's dad.

No I have never been stopped and nor has he. I live in a little village where everyone knows everyone's business before it happens and have not had a problem. We see each other every weekend and one day during the week, never been stopped

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot1 Wed 20-Jan-21 20:50:43

Yep go for it! You're fully within your rights.

Sorry to hear about son's dad.

Jumpers268 Wed 20-Jan-21 18:23:06

Absolutely fine to form a support bubble with your partner. You can travel any distance to see your support bubble. It's like they're technically a part of your household.

NaughtyNell Wed 20-Jan-21 17:44:40


I'd love to tell them to bugger off actually but they reported the other neighbour anonymously. Dp found out from someone he knows who it was

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NaughtyNell Wed 20-Jan-21 17:43:28

Boohoo and MrsVogon

Have you ever been questioned when visiting your DP's ?

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NaughtyNell Wed 20-Jan-21 17:41:54

Oh and DP lives alone and no other support bubble

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NaughtyNell Wed 20-Jan-21 17:41:00

Thank you so much for all the advice. At least if I do visit I have got a legitimate reason if the police are called. Busybody neighbour is what's stopping me visiting at the moment, apparently they actively look out for people confused

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NaughtyNell Wed 20-Jan-21 17:38:55

WhiskeyTango Foxtrot

Son is not meeting or meeting anyone at all, I wish he would, socially distanced of course. His dad passed away 3 years ago.

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WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot1 Wed 20-Jan-21 13:59:21

@NaughtyNell I think the only things that could hinder you forming a bubble are:

1) if your DP lives with someone else
2) if your son is in a bubble (for example with his dad?) as he is over 18, I think that wouldn't be exempt as a parental visit - but someone may tell me I'm wrong!

Newusername21 Wed 20-Jan-21 13:45:20

Yes you can form a support bubble with your partner as he lives alone. You can travel any distance to meet with your support bubble.

If the neighbours say anything suggest they keep their noses out?

MrsVogon Wed 20-Jan-21 13:35:37

I'm in a support bubble with my DP and he lives 2 hours away. However we only arrange to see each other when my DC goes to stay at their dad's - to minimise transition we rotate DC being between home and their dad's every 14 days. So, when DC goes to the other household, my DP will come and stay here for that one weekend, then we leave it for the next rotation. We both work from our homes and only go out to the supermarket when it isn't busy (super early or late in the day). Ideally it would be great if he is local, but he isn't and we just have to do what we can to keen transmission minimal. My DC miss seeing him, so when they are home with me, we do video calls to him.

booboo24 Wed 20-Jan-21 12:44:04

The distance doesn't matter either, you can form a support bubble that's not local, they advise it to be local but its not law. My support bubble is 3 counties away!

NaughtyNell Wed 20-Jan-21 09:10:19


No I didnt think having the vaccine would make any difference just thought I'd state I'd had it. I am if course aware that I can still get the virus

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dementedpixie Wed 20-Jan-21 09:09:05

Scotland also has an exemption for non cohabiting couples

nighttimetalk Wed 20-Jan-21 09:08:02

If you son was under the age of 18 on the 22nd of June 2020. But your partners a single adult anyways so it doesn't really matter. The different counties would be the only thing that may be an issue as you shouldn't be leaving your area.

dementedpixie Wed 20-Jan-21 09:04:52

Scotland has levels not tiers
Not sure we call them counties either
We have extended households not support bubbles
I think OP is in England

NaughtyNell Wed 20-Jan-21 09:04:34

Hello thanks for replies, I am in England

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Chasingsquirrels Wed 20-Jan-21 09:01:30


Apologies, I assumed you are in England. I don't know about the guidance for other countries.

Sorry yes I also assumed England.

Chasingsquirrels Wed 20-Jan-21 09:01:00

It sounds like your partner is a single adult household and therefore eligibile to form a support bubble.
It doesn't sound like he has formed a support bubble with his mum, so assuming he hasn't formed on with anyone else then he could form one with your household.

Also, depending on when your son turned 18, you could be eligible to form a support bubble (I think it is under 18 on 12 June 2020 but you'd need to check the date).
This bit is irrelevant as your DP has the support bubble entitlement but I've mentioned as it might be useful to others.

You can only be part of one support bubble, so your DP can't bubble with you AND his mum, you can't bubble with your DP AND someone else, etc.

Pimlicojo Wed 20-Jan-21 09:00:50

Apologies, I assumed you are in England. I don't know about the guidance for other countries.

Pimlicojo Wed 20-Jan-21 08:59:47

Yes, you can form a bubble based on what you are saying as he is a single person household.

Having the vaccine makes no difference as to whether you need to follow guidance. I'm concerned that you work in the NHS yet don't know this.

RoseAndRose Wed 20-Jan-21 08:58:38

As you say you are in a tier, does that mean Scotland?

NaughtyNell Wed 20-Jan-21 08:56:18

If it makes any difference I've had the vaccine

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NaughtyNell Wed 20-Jan-21 08:55:26

Hi would like some advice as I find it so confusing. Situation is I have been seeing my partner for 2 years, we live in different counties both tier 4.

He lives alone, works alone and is not seeing family only seeing his mum from outside front door wearing a mask.

I have a son living with me he is 18 but stays at home, no interaction with anyone except me. I work for NHS not frontline but key worker. I am not visiting parents.

Where my partner lives a neighbour has reported another neighbour for seeing her partner go to her house. This woman's office window apparently looks onto flat car park etc so she can see who goes in and out.

I would like to visit my partner, we havent seen each other since before Christmas. Are we eligible to form a bubble that's what I want to know if anyone can help.

The Police turned up at the neighbours house the woman reported so i dont want that to happen to us really.

Find it quite disturbing that a neighbour would report someone for seeing one individual, parties and gatherings i can I understand but this seems a but OTT.


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