Friend's sister with new partner and friend is worried... as np threatened my friend...

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MrsBigD Mon 22-Oct-07 08:18:01

this is going to be a 3rd person query

My friend (df) and her sister (ls) have always had a bit of a rocky sibling relationship but now she's really worried.

Last night ls and new dp came round because they were worried about ls's dd. They ended up taking ls's dd to walk in clinic. So far so good, except for afterwards df noticed that her xmas money box has gone missing from her bedroom. Her ds (6) said he saw ls coming out of bedroom. df nicely asked ls whether she's taken the money which of course got denied and ls's dp said 'if you get near ls again you better run because that'll be the last thing you'll do'. Also df said her sister has gotten more distant and withdrawn.

To me that doesn't sound too good. She doesn't know whether to report the threat to the police. She doesn't want to report the theft as after all it's her sister but that guy really scared her! Also he told ls's parents to leave them alone. Considering that her parent always did everything for ls as she is the 'baby' of the family this is very strange. Forgot to mention that ls's new dp is 4 years older than ls's dad and has been divorced 3 times, which in itself makes me wonder.

Fair enough I might be jumping to conclusions here and guess my main question is:

Should my friend report the threat to the police especially as there is a little kid involved?


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Freckle Mon 22-Oct-07 08:43:18

Will it make her sister more estranged? It certainly sounds as though her np is trying to isolate her from her family. Problem is her sister will not see it that way and will probably thing they are all interfering.

However, if your friend is concerned for her sister's safety, perhaps she should report the threat so that the police have a record of threatened violence. That way, if anything happens to the sister, the police are more likely to take swift action.

Horrible situation.

MrsBigD Mon 22-Oct-07 08:49:55

Thanks freckles, my friend has put up with a lot of cr*p from her sister and family especially with the rest of the family saying she should cut her sister a break (long story so won't list it here but it involved my friend going out of her way to help her sister, then being taken advantage of and then being told she's overreacting...). Now the rest of the family is getting concerned about little sister as well though so something must be up...

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