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Relationship Advice Please

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Fudge2109 Sun 22-Nov-20 05:44:41

So I have been engaged to my other half for 9 years & we have our own home. We have never had no major issues in the past and have always got on, however due to his job change to a managers position a year back I find he comes home from work most nights stressed & I seem to be getting the brunt of it, he doesn't realise that he can be snappy or short & has admitted its due to work pressures.
To top this off there are family issues his side that his roped into.
My question is how should I deal with this? I feel its really taking a toll on me recently its as if he has split personality, any help would be appreciated. x

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LouiseTrees Sun 22-Nov-20 10:07:51

Depends what the family issues are? Does he have to be involved in it? If he gets deeper involved can he get it sorted quicker? Re the work issues though, does he bark at you if you ask him how his day was? Could you agree you don’t ask him straight away and he gets 30 mins to unwind before any interaction?

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