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finances after separation

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Slightlylost1 Mon 16-Nov-20 22:16:49

I split with my DW in January, and moved into rented accom in April, she stayed in our house, whikst we try and sell it. Since ive moved out i've paid for the driveway to be done, and a new pool liner in order to help it sell.

My wife is a self employed hairdresser and obviously covid has affected that, so i do understand that makes her life difficult

My Issue is that I'm still paying all the bills for everything cars, heating, utilities insurance etc, i'm also giving her money for food and fuel. Im also paying for my sons uni accommodation and his living expenses, and im also giving my daughter money, as she's lost her job due to covid. Luckily we have no mortgage, but I have my own living expenses.

My question is at what point is it reasonable to ask her to contribute, or limit what I'm paying. I'm happy to pay for the kids, but as we are now both on her own, why shouldn't she at least contribute. I'm being left totally skint every month trying to finance four lives. I should point out she has her own savings, and a share in her mothers old house.

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category12 Mon 16-Nov-20 22:40:32

Well really, you need to get on with a divorce and sorting out the financials properly.

You must have a good income to afford all that. As a hair-dresser your wife's life isn't "difficult", it's impossible for her to earn at the moment. So if you can be generous, I would be, until she can work. Presumably she can't claim benefits because of your joint level of assets.

And any savings are marital assets, whoever's name they're under, so making her use that money, would still be like spending your own really.

Crack on with selling up and divorcing, and then you won't be in this limbo-land.

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