How do you know if someone likes you or they just after one thing?

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Inexperiencedinthis Sun 15-Nov-20 14:13:07

Kind of the thread title really, what are the genuine things to look out for to tell if a guy genuinely likes you or just after the sex and will say anything.

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Dragongirl10 Sun 15-Nov-20 14:16:52

Don't have sex until you want to.

How much effort does he make,( not money ) effort to spend time with you?
Does he mind waiting till you want sex?
Does he listen to your wants and try to accomodate or is it all about him?
Does he take you out to places you enjoy?

These are all things that show he is interested in you as a person.

Bunnymumy Sun 15-Nov-20 14:27:09

He doesnt rush you into anything. Infact, he doesn't talk much about sex at all. Little things like he may complement you but not with words like 'sexy' (early on).

You don't feel smothered or rushed by him. He gives you space to breathe. But he also doesnt blow hot and cold.

He may mention that he is looking for a relationship (in general, from dating). Though obv this could be a lie but it's still sometimes a good sign. Judge it based on the rest if their behaviour.

His words and actions match.

Might also be worth googling how to spot a player. Not that all men who just want sex (from you specifically) are players but still worth knowing the signs.

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