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Is this too good to be true?

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OMGMyLifeIsCrazy Sat 14-Nov-20 23:30:16

I have just started seeing a wonderful man 18 months after separating from my ex husband. I consider myself to be average. Not unattractive but not gorgeous either. My new man seems to think I'm a lot prettier than I feel and I'm quite baffled by it. He's tall, amazingly handsome and sweet. We are both guilty of a bit of love bombing though I don't think either of us are narcissistic. I think we are both just over the moon to have found each other. We have a lot in common and we've both come out of abusive relationships - both well over a year ago.
I know I'm a nice person but 20 years of on and off emotional abuse has taken its toll and my self esteem is telling me that this just can't be right. So far he ticks every box for me and I'd like to think that after two bad marriages, I'm finally getting something good in life but then I'm thinking that this just can't be real. He's not perfect and has his faults (I probably don't know them all yet) but I am worried because in my experience, nice men like him are rare. I can't understand what he's doing with me when he could probably pick himself up an 8+ lady. Am I right to keep my guard up with him or should I just embrace it with an open heart and see where this ride takes us?

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StormsDontLastForever Sat 14-Nov-20 23:35:49

Life's too short to think of all the what ifs. As long as you are sensible and looking after yourself then I would say go for it, keep you're guard up a little bit enjoy life, we don't know what's round the corner

seensome Sat 14-Nov-20 23:37:43

I think it's your low self esteem, he really likes you by the sound of it and wouldn't be with you still after 18 months if he didn't
It's not all about looks either but the combination of personalities that have common ground which you have.

OMGMyLifeIsCrazy Sat 14-Nov-20 23:45:15

My post may have read wrong. I've been seeing my new man for about 2 months, not 18. I guess I'm just trying to work out if it's possible for such a man to exist and be interested in me. smile

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RLEOM Mon 16-Nov-20 12:21:06

It's way too early to see how this will pan out. Just enjoy it for what it is but definitely don't start thinking wedding bells and all that jazz.

Sexnotgender Mon 16-Nov-20 12:25:48

I met my amazing husband after a decade of abuse in my marriage. I couldn’t believe my luck, I still can’t.

Be aware, look for red flags but enjoy it! Good men are out there.

Enko Mon 16-Nov-20 13:48:43

I dont think nice men are rare i just dont think they get much media coverage.

I mean guy cooks dinner and brings his wife a cuppa each morning is not going to sell papers is it?

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