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Thedarksideofthemoon30 Fri 30-Oct-20 12:40:13

I love it too, he feels really embarrassed about it though and won’t talk about it 😂

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username1724 Fri 30-Oct-20 10:35:19

Also I apologise if that came off as insensitive - we just always have a good laugh about it so its become a running joke for us. He also doesn't have a high sex drive and sex for us is quite infrequent lately, so I'm not sure if that's a contributing factor!

username1724 Fri 30-Oct-20 10:30:11

This is hilarious my oh is the same. He is 100% asleep and will grab my face to kiss me and talk dirty to me etc until I wake him up where he will apologise and roll over. No recollection either. Like your oh he is suddenly super confident and acts completely different to our normal sex. Its funny its just become completely normal to wake up with him pushing his tongue in my mouth and doing god knows what 🤣 we still don't know what causes it but he said he's been like this forever. I find it pretty entertaining and love telling him what he got up to the following morning!

whataday12 Fri 30-Oct-20 09:42:12

😂😂 op last bit made me laugh : I don't know what it is but my friend has this problem with her boyfriend . He actaully gets it in tho and doesn't remember a thing in the morning . A sex councillor might help him xxx

Thedarksideofthemoon30 Fri 30-Oct-20 09:34:15

Iv been with my husband 7 years now and for the last year or so he has been suffering with sexsomia.

We have sex probably 2ce a month as he doesn’t have a very high sex drive/depression/lack of confidence.

During the night when he’s 100% asleep he will seem to turn into someone completely different. Someone confident. He will ask to “go
Down on me” or “let me f**k you” etc. He would never speak like that normally, as doesn’t have the confidence to make a move normally.

When I touch him he’s normally semi and as soon as he feels me touching him he rolls over and starts snoring again.

Last night he actually got ontop for the first time and straight away he realised what he was doing and kind of snapped out of it, apologised and went back to sleep. Every time he doesn’t remember in the morning but I think the Actual act woke him up fully and he realised this morning.

The thing is he didn’t even “get in” last night, just got ontop and did the actions twice 😂🙈

It’s driving me insane.

Any ideas what it could be? Do you think it’s because he’s feeling crappy and self conscious in the day?

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