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Going through divorce

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LutonMomma Thu 29-Oct-20 12:15:50

Been with hubby for about 12 years, married for 5. We have a daughter who is 10.

Throughout the relationship he has always been very controlling but I’ve always stayed for my daughter, I thought I could manage until she was 18 but the truth is I can’t, he has completely broken me down. He’s just vile.

I told him I wanted to separate and he argued with me. We don’t have a spare room so are stuck sleeping in the same bed, he won’t move. He’s determined to punish me. I filed for divorce which he has reluctantly agreed to and we are now mediating about the house. We both want to buy each other out. There’s no way he will agree to me buying him out, he’ll have to be forced to sell to me and to move out.

What will happen if we cannot agree at mediation. How is the court likely to rule? Neither of us can afford solicitors so I have done all of this by myself so far.

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