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Advice re separation

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mellowyellow6 Sun 25-Oct-20 11:31:25

Hi there, after many years of on/off unhappiness I think I have found the courage to leave my husband. He's a good father but can be very difficult to be in a relationship with at times and despite counselling, I don't think he will make the changes I need. I'm unsure where to start with the process though as he definitely won't move out of our home and I'm on maternity leave currently. I thought of seeing a solicitor (although not sure if this will need to be a call/video call because of Covid). I'm from the north but currently based in the south. Would it be cheaper to use a solicitor from the north though or is it best to have one close to me? How long does this sort of thing tend to take and will I need to live with him until we sell our house? (There is no physical violence FYI).
Thank you in advance for any advice you can give.

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mellowyellow6 Mon 26-Oct-20 06:48:43

Anyone? Thanks

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wirldsgonemad Mon 26-Oct-20 06:52:04

I don't think it matters where your solicitor is from, the law is the same across England. Might be cheaper up north too. Good for you for putting yourself first and refusing to be in a bad relationship. I wish you lots of luck thanks

Greeneyes78 Mon 26-Oct-20 06:52:21

Morning op, does he know you want to separate, what are your plans re house?

millymollymoomoo Mon 26-Oct-20 06:59:43

You don’t have to live together while divorcing but if you ( couple) don’t have money to rent another property ( or don’t want to waste money) than many people end up living together while separating
It’s definitely worth seeing a solicitor to get an idea of what a settlement could look like
Be realistic about what a fair share looks like

Think about what income you’ll have. What will child arrangements look like, longer term where will you live ( eg can you stay in current house, can you pay that, will it need to be sold and money split etc). Unless he’s a very high earner he’s unlikely to have to pay spousal maintenance. How much child maintenance will be pay.

Lots to consider which is why seeing a solicitor can help you think these through before you decide

mellowyellow6 Mon 26-Oct-20 21:28:21

Thanks all.

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