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Disneylover1988 Wed 30-Sep-20 08:39:59

Just after some advice.
My husband and I have had some blazing arguments during lockdown and I’m now taking the time to reflect on things ...
He suffered a sporting injury just prior to lockdown which meant he was at home on the sick from work (he could have probably worked to be fair, just needed his foot up), but this obviously caused him a lot of frustration, not being able to do certain things etc. Cue lockdown - I was trying to adjust to new WFH arrangements, whilst running around after him, even helping him in shower etc. I suffered a miscarriage last year, which I don’t think I really dealt with and my husband didn’t really communicate with me that well after it, which (awful to say) caused me a little resentment towards him. Dealing with previous miscarriage issues, his injury and little petty bickers about housework etc. have erupted into absolute screaming matches, which I’m not proud of and now feeling very guilty about. Swearing, name calling etc. To the point where I just didn’t recognise us as a couple. I’ve also now suffered a further miscarriage last month so trying to navigate through the grief of that. He’s fully recovered from injury. I’m receiving counselling and a lot more open with friends and family about how I’m feeling. He has been better this time around, but slips back into old ways nagging about minor things around the house, which are so unimportant to me when I’m dealing with something much bigger. This is where the frustrations start and arguments erupt!
Can we move past these blazing rows? How do I get him to see that these little things are minor in the grand scheme of things? I am receiving counselling and receiving advice on how to control my emotions, anxiety, grief etc. But I need him to ease the stress off me a little too.
Im bad for beating myself up over past altercations as I’m disappointed with the way we have behaved. Just want to move past it.

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