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Why has DH called a sexual health clinic

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WhyCouldThisBe Wed 30-Sep-20 03:42:43

I’m having a sudden bad feeling he’s cheated or why else would he call a sexual health clinic. Saw the number on his phone as somewhere he called at 9am recently - it came up as sexual health clinic due to his phone automatically guessing the number and he stayed on the line for 44 seconds. Is there any other reason other than a STI check why a guy would call that number? Funny stuff going on with his bits?? Weird feelings down there? Pain? I don’t know. He hasn’t mentioned any issues down there and we have had unprotected sex since he called the number. As far as I know he hasn’t attended an appointment so I’m wondering what on earth this call could be about. Yes I could ask him but then I wouldn’t be able to explain why I looked at his phone (I was snooping). Help please!

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Aquamarine1029 Wed 30-Sep-20 03:49:20

He's been up to no good me thinks. You need to deal with this immediately, and get yourself an STI check as well.

Notapheasantplucker Wed 30-Sep-20 04:06:14

This might not be the first time he's called them.
If he went there for an STI check, then this could be a phone call to get his results?

bebarkered Wed 30-Sep-20 04:11:55

I think they text your results

DaisyChainsForever Wed 30-Sep-20 04:18:09

Were u snooping because u suspected something? I think you're going to have to tell him and get yourself checked out.

jessstan2 Wed 30-Sep-20 04:29:00

You have to ask him; you can tell him his 'phone 'pinged' which made you look, or something. However, if he has been up to no good, he can hardly moan about you 'snooping'. I do hope there is a reasonable explanation though I cannot think of one off hand; that doesn't mean there isn't one.

Good luck.

justilou1 Wed 30-Sep-20 04:31:51

I would assume the worst

TitsOutForHarambe Wed 30-Sep-20 04:34:22

If it was something innocent, which I suppose it could have been, then why wouldn't he have told you?

Also, why were you snooping through his phone? That's surely not something you would do unless you already had suspicions. So it would be quite telling to know what it was that made you suspicious in the first place.

Dontletitbeyou Wed 30-Sep-20 05:11:27

Sexual health clinic is for just that , sexual health . If he had pain in that area I would imagine he’d visit his gp .
Might be an innocent explanation , but not looking good .
If you’ve had unprotected sex and he suspects something is not right , he is risking your health too .
Just tell him you were looking through his phone and you saw this number come up . He’ll likely be pissed with you but you’ll just have to suck it up . I’d want to know right away what is going on

luckystarmaking Wed 30-Sep-20 05:27:04

Or, he might think you've given him something and is just checking. Maybe he found a pimple, or it hurts when he pees (uti?).

Oncemorewithfeelin Wed 30-Sep-20 05:28:41

He may had some symptoms that suggest an STI.
Perhaps he thinks you cheated on him so got checked out.
Maybe an ex has contacted him and said they have been diagnosed with something and he should get tested.

Or he may have cheated and either caught something or else is worried and getting checked.

The only way you will know is to ask him. He may lie about it so if you still feel something is not right then you would be best to get tested too.

category12 Wed 30-Sep-20 05:29:30


He'd go to his gp otherwise, wouldn't he?

Boatingforthestars Wed 30-Sep-20 05:38:59

Ring the number yourself before jumping to conclusions. Google generates those names, it could be a different clinic using a number previously used by an sti clinic.

RantyAnty Wed 30-Sep-20 05:50:36

Get the number from his phone and call it yourself to see what it is.
If it is a sexual clinic then you must ask him about it.
I hope you haven't been having relations since you found the message.

popcornlover Wed 30-Sep-20 05:53:26

Sounds like he uses prostitutes. You must have known he’s not trustworthy if you were checking his phone. Did you check if he has any hidden apps? Bank statements...

Oncemorewithfeelin Wed 30-Sep-20 06:01:07


Sounds like he uses prostitutes. You must have known he’s not trustworthy if you were checking his phone. Did you check if he has any hidden apps? Bank statements...

That’s quite a leap from the guy phoning a number to the guy using prostitutes!

LH1987 Wed 30-Sep-20 06:36:07

It could do other services such as help with erectile dysfunction. He might be too embarrassed to go to your GP for that.

Personally, I’d ask him.

Bluntness100 Wed 30-Sep-20 06:47:46

Eh what on the prostitutes? There are so many other reasons why he could call it. confused

Op, why were you snooping? And 44 seconds isn’t long enough to get results as a pp said, or even speak to someone.

category12 Wed 30-Sep-20 06:56:40

I disagree, Bluntness - I stopwatched people yakking on the news just then, and they got an awful lot said in 44 seconds.

category12 Wed 30-Sep-20 06:57:41

Probably not results, but it's longer than a wrong number conversation.

IDontLikeZombies Wed 30-Sep-20 07:01:48

I'm a sexual health nurse. Yes, he might be having extra marital sex but often men will call us because they are too embarrassed to talk to the GP about a problem with the down belows or GPs will get men to call us.

There are quite a few reason that are not related to cheating. I've taken calls about vasectomies, erectile dysfunction, lack of libido, skin conditions, irritation caused by washing powder/soaps/shower gels, a flare of something like warts that they may have been carrying for decades, spotting normal parts of the anatomy for the first time and getting a fright, changes in urine flow, colour or smell, dry skin, spots, in grown hairs, loads of stuff.

I think you need to look at why you felt the need to check his phone and try to work forward from there.

NastyBlouse Wed 30-Sep-20 07:12:14

YY @IDontLikeZombies

Some (maybe all) sexual health clinics also do checks for testicular health, the NHS one near me certainly does. So if he’s found a lump or has pain or something... a close friend of mine went to the clinic to get his balls checked rather than the GP because it was quicker (he could be seen in two days vs a four-week wait for the GP).

IDontLikeZombies Wed 30-Sep-20 07:13:09

Also, Bluntness is right. Most clinics are incredibly busy and he would be lucky to get straight through to human after 44 seconds.

NeverTalksToStrangers Wed 30-Sep-20 07:19:42

My phone auto fills in names of new numbers I have dialled that often are not correct. Google the number.

IDontLikeZombies Wed 30-Sep-20 07:20:33

OP, I'm not sticking up for him and I don't necessarily think you are wrong. Something tickled your spider senses and that's worth exploring, even if its just a thought excercise in your own head. It's just that the call to the sexual health clinic isn't a smoking gun. Best of luck, not a nice situation to be in.

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