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Hate my partners family

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Sus02 Sun 27-Sep-20 15:59:22

Hi everyone, this I would like to hear some advice from people that I don’t know as I think my friends are tired to hear the same old stories. I hate my partner’s family, I caught his mum doing a line of cocaine on my kitchen side before, luckily it was me that opened the door and not my daughter who was 4 years old at the time, not to mention she has driven my child under the influence I didn’t know at the time but found out later, so she isn’t aloud to babysit our children or be alone with them, my partner seems to alway have his mum’s side and although he doesn’t push for her to babysit our children as I won’t allow it it has Cayuse friction between. His whole family smokes around children, I’m not a smoker and don’t ageee with people smoking around children, I have asked them not to but they won’t listen, my daughter used to have asthma and for health reasons I have stopped her going down there, it cause massive arguments as my partner lies to me that they are smoking outside but I can smell it on the children when they rarely go there and my daughter whose almost 9 tells me. There a lot of stuff that goes on in that family that I don’t want to be sort of or my children. They maybe see my partners family once or twice a year and it really upsets me when they do as I don’t think they deserve to see them. My mother in law for example never bothers to see them, for me is a good things because of her drug problem I wouldn’t want her around the children. I know I might sound judgemental but I’m a parent and can’t have that sort of behaviour around my children. My partner always takes their side and it upsets me so much.

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pallasathena Sun 27-Sep-20 16:55:49

Stick to your standards OP because you're absolutely entitled to call the shots here as their mother.
If your partner has issues with your decisions then tell him bluntly that the kids needs come first and if he can't accept that then tell him to move in with his toxic family and do you a massive favour by doing so.
Don't feel guilty.
Feel proud of yourself that you're strong, capable, determined and accountable as every good parent should be. flowers

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