When to say "I've love you"?

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AutumnSunshineSunday Sun 27-Sep-20 09:19:15

This is a question I've seen a few times on here.

Some people seem to say it after a couple of weeks or less, others after a few months.

I know I've said it in the past when it's been said to me (even if I havent believed it from either side) just because it seems to be expected or because I've felt it would be awkward not to say it.

I sometimes wonder if it's just something that people say. Or do people really routinely fall in love at/by the 3-6 month mark and tell their boyfriend/girlfriend then?

If people fall in love easily, is that a good thing or not? What if people don't?

I suppose I wonder how many other people tell someone they love them when what they are experiencing is a different emotion but don't necessarily 'understand' or know how to label that emotion.

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