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Well my husband just left

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joysmoy Sun 20-Sep-20 22:48:28

Just as title says. My husband has been messaging another woman for months now. I had thought things were getting better,we were sleeping together and going on dates,he told me he had stopped the messaging but he has still been at it and told her he loves her and hates it heresadme and the kids are devastated. He just packed a bag and left😢

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Onthedunes Sun 20-Sep-20 22:59:08

I,m so sorry this is happening to you.
I,m sure you will get lots of support from MN.

He's a shithead.
Sending hugs

EvenMoreFuriousVexation Sun 20-Sep-20 23:01:24

Oh shit, that's crap, I'm sorry.

Have you got someone you can call right now? Mn is great for support but a phone call really helps. Reach out to someone if you can.

PeachForTheStars Sun 20-Sep-20 23:03:26

You poor love. That's so shit of him and you deserve better. You will have lots of support on here and I know there are a few threads already for others in the same situation who give each other tons of support. Hopefully someone will be able to post some links.

joysmoy Sun 20-Sep-20 23:06:56

Thank you . I just can't quite believe it. 20 years we've been together. My poor little boy is broken. He has asd and he says his dad has broken his head and demolished his plans. He's been pacing the house crying since he left.

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LowLou Sun 20-Sep-20 23:09:55

I'm so sorry. I'm going through a shifty break up too with a cheating husband.
How old are your kids?

custardbear Sun 20-Sep-20 23:10:46

What a shitty father! I'd be inclined to tell him how hes broken his child's heart and hope he realises the grass isn't greener, same shit another person to put up with his failures as a husband and father
Good luck OP sounds like you're well shot

PickAChew Sun 20-Sep-20 23:11:57

Well what a shit head he is, then. He hated being with you but not enough not to sleep with you.

Honestly - it hurts like hell but good riddance to the selfish twatwaffle.

PickAChew Sun 20-Sep-20 23:13:18

And the git needs to speak to your poor ds sad

doopdeepduup Sun 20-Sep-20 23:15:25

What a Twat

SengaMac Sun 20-Sep-20 23:20:42

I'm so sorry this has happened.
You and your kids will get through it.

joysmoy Sun 20-Sep-20 23:24:10

Oh I've told him his son is heart broken. He said he will always be there for the kids🙄well he's not now is he? My little boy is just turned 9 and I have a 13yr old and 15yr old. He says he hasn't felt the same for a while now but was quite happy to sleep with me! I just can't believe it. Devastated. How could he do this? I've never been alone we have been together since I was a teenager. I don't know how to do this alone. Practically what do I need to do?

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joysmoy Sun 20-Sep-20 23:26:01

So sorry lowlou that you are going through this as well

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BunnyLovesBananas Sun 20-Sep-20 23:30:02

I'm sorry you're going through this. He's an arsehole and I know it's no consolation to hear that right now but this isn't about you, it's about him

He's a selfish arse for leaving you and hi children and more so for leading you on for the past months.

user1471565182 Sun 20-Sep-20 23:30:20

I dont care what people say with 'we cant know what goes on in people's heads' and 'people make mistakes' excusing bollocks, to do what hes done to your son is just evil.

SecretWitch Sun 20-Sep-20 23:31:02

I am so very sorry💐

Please contact a divorce solicitor ASAP. You don’t know how long he has been planning this move.

joysmoy Sun 20-Sep-20 23:42:23

Thank you all so much my little boy has worn himself out and is in bed. I just don't know what to do now. I've asked my brother to help me sort benefits out as I only work very part time (10 hours a week) what else do I do?

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dublingirl66 Sun 20-Sep-20 23:43:56

I'm so sorry

He is a scumbag

A low life man

You WILL make it through this believe me

Been there and life is wayyy better now xxxx

joysmoy Sun 20-Sep-20 23:44:44

Thank you it's just so hard right now 😢

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dublingirl66 Sun 20-Sep-20 23:44:58

Do nothing just yet

Give yourself time to recover from this
Take time out of work if you need to

Huge shock for you all

joysmoy Sun 20-Sep-20 23:45:48

Thank you

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PickAChew Sun 20-Sep-20 23:49:47

Practically - sort rent (if applicable) utilities, phone broadband, etc. Single adult council tax. UC/housing benefit (check entitledto, first). Any other bills like phones, etc, once you've sorted anything else. Bank accounts?

PickAChew Sun 20-Sep-20 23:51:28

And CMS, before Nything else! If yiur ex isn't going to be an adult regarding parenting, he can at least pay his way!

PickAChew Sun 20-Sep-20 23:51:48

Tyops galore!

joysmoy Sun 20-Sep-20 23:54:02

We have separate bank accounts

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