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If you used to enjoy a Sunday night browse on Guardian Soulmates...

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KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Sun 20-Sep-20 20:38:52

Which site are you using now?

I am missing it because it was slow-paced. I tried Match but got a bit overwhelmed with all the spammy messages.

Plus I liked the (mostly) good grammar and lack of text-speak.

Is there anywhere else to meet crusty vegetarians who look like Jeremy Corbyn grin

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UnaMujer Sun 20-Sep-20 20:52:05

This doesn’t answer you question but that’s where I met my now dh.

cheezy Sun 20-Sep-20 20:53:04

I also would like to know. Someone needs to set up an equivalent.

IrenetheQuaint Sun 20-Sep-20 20:53:28

Marking place. I can't be doing with dating apps which consist of glossy pics and a few ungrammatical words.

dudsville Sun 20-Sep-20 20:54:27

GSM has stopped? I loved that site when I was last dating.

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Sun 20-Sep-20 21:05:19

Yes dudsville. It shut down in June. I only went on one actual date in the 3 years I was on it but I liked the idea that I was technically "doing online dating" without it taking up too much of my time.

And yes I met my ex on there 12 years ago and we had 8 good years (and 1 terrible year but that's not GSM's fault).

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Sohardtochooseausername Sun 20-Sep-20 21:06:46

I’m finding Hinge has a better class of man on it. It’s not perfect, but seeing some interesting people.

AspiringAmazon Sun 20-Sep-20 21:40:05

Didn’t realise they’d closed down GSM. Met my partner of four years on there and definitely found the online dating experience much nicer there than on other sites. What a shame.

hobbyhobby Mon 21-Sep-20 04:55:08

That is a real shame. Business opportunity for someone!

supercali77 Mon 21-Sep-20 05:11:38

Agree with pp. If you're in or near a city - hinge

messy123 Mon 21-Sep-20 07:10:48

Good memories of GSM! Great dating website.

Fallowdeerhunter Wed 23-Sep-20 23:35:45

I was so sad when it went....

FredaNerkk Wed 23-Sep-20 23:53:18

have you tried eharmony?

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