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Meeting someone in later life

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Catname Sun 13-Sep-20 23:02:38

47. Internet dating for 11 years on and off. Kissed a lot of frogs. Together for 6 years now ❤️

DrDetriment Sun 13-Sep-20 22:59:57

I met my partner online at 43. Worth waiting for!

lolawasashowgirl Sun 13-Sep-20 22:58:43

My partner's father was sadly widowed in his late 60's. After a couple of false starts he met a lovely woman who was also widowed and they are still happily together now. So don't give up hope!

Purplewithred Sun 13-Sep-20 22:52:05

I was 49 when DH and I got together. He was (only) 42. It feels amazingly young now!

CilantroChili Sun 13-Sep-20 22:50:33

50. May very well have recently connected with a man who could actually be the love of my life... it’s early days/LDR/fucking Covid so really really REALLY trying to not lose the run of myself but it’s not easy- however- it’s proof that it’s not too late flowers

that1970shouse Sun 13-Sep-20 01:05:07

Basically, don't give up hope!

that1970shouse Sun 13-Sep-20 01:04:12

I met my (now) DH when I was mid-40s. BIL and (now) SIL met when they were early 40s. My gran was in her 60s when she met her 2nd DH and they had lots of happy years together.

Ilovegreentomatoes Sun 13-Sep-20 00:37:26

I like the idea of an introduction agency but the ones I've seen advertised are so expensive (I'm talking thousands. )

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Pipandmum Sun 13-Sep-20 00:34:56

I met my husband at 39. Through an introduction agency (not online). I met 12 other men first, three of whom I saw a few times, one becoming a good friend. But number 13 was lucky for me. You have be broad minded, open to new ideas as to who you might like, and be willing to take a chance.

Ilovegreentomatoes Sun 13-Sep-20 00:29:18

Just need some inspiration and hope please.Im.41 been single years and feel this could be it.So rather than sit here feeling depressed I'd love to hear any stories of meeting someone in later years and how you met.Just to give me some hope! Especially if you met someone after being single for a long time.

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