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Do you need marriage certificate to get a divorce

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Ilovetheseventies Sat 12-Sep-20 13:51:20

Quick question, if you want a divorce do you need Yr marriage certificate. I presume so.

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DDIJ Sat 12-Sep-20 13:54:24

Yes. You can apply for a copy.

Ninkanink Sat 12-Sep-20 14:05:57

Yes, and as stated if you don’t have it you can order a copy.

Ilovetheseventies Sat 12-Sep-20 14:20:17


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Ilovetheseventies Sat 12-Sep-20 15:09:08

My DH and I have been separated for nearly three years. I left him and we had a separation agreement in place.
He's been seeing someone for over a year now. My DS who lives with him said the marriage certificate was out in his room.
It just makes things more final I suppose.

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DDIJ Sat 12-Sep-20 15:36:17

Are you feeling okay about it? flowers

Ilovetheseventies Sat 12-Sep-20 16:54:19

A little sad but when we split he had v little to do with me. We have 3 children but I don't hear from him. So I think I'll get a letter through the post. I've really done enough grieving so this is the final hurdle.

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