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Coming across arrogant?

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Biebs88 Fri 11-Sep-20 22:53:33

Hi all!

For as long as I've known I have been a very insecure person. My confidence has grown massively since having two children but quite often the insecurity and anxiety takes over and I feel 2 inches tall in social situations.

I was speaking about this with a new colleague who has similar issues and she said I came across as having everything 'in order' and being 'well put together' that she was quite intimidated by me. I'm afraid I'm coming across as being arrogant or not interested whilst I'm actually almost peeing my pants when meeting new people or in certain situations.

Any pointers on how to feel less insecure and self conscious? Ta!

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HumptyD Sat 12-Sep-20 00:31:22

Just believe in yourself. A stranger has met you and noted that you appear to have your shit together and are well put together! That’s a compliment, yet you are worrying that you come across arrogant. Just take the compliment! Take the words at face value and start to believe them, There’s no hidden message in there, you are not arrogant, you have worked hard to grow your confidence and enjoy that! Just think I’m a great person I’ve raised two great kids, why would I feel insecure smilexx

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