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How do you meet someone new after being abused and cheated on?

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krkw Fri 11-Sep-20 13:12:42

My ex finally admitted to being in a relationship with the woman he cheated on and to admit to his family what he put me through. I'm not getting my Hope's up too much but I'm hopeful that this will help my relationship with them for mine and his daughters benefit. He has told me I'm a state and no one will be happy with me and its hit me hard and he has tried all ways to put the blame on me and I've apaked it all up. The result is that I have no worth and feel like no one would want a relationship with me or that il never have healthy or be treated well because I dont deserve it. Has anyone got overy this kind of break in trust, abuse and emotional damage? how did yous go ffrom this to being in another relationship? it's been a year so I'm over him and I want a relationship but I'm stumped where to start?

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Redannie118 Fri 11-Sep-20 14:41:44

My ex DH put me down all the time. The affairs were my fault. I was stupid. I met my current DH at work. We were good friends. He worships me. He makes me feel like a queen. Someone told me, slways remember if someone puts you down its because they know you are better than them and they need to bring you down to their level. Theres someone lovely out there for you. Relax, dont put too much pressure on yourself and believe you are worthy of this and it will happen.

krkw Fri 11-Sep-20 14:50:40

I domt really find myself in situations where I can meet new people and I honestly cant see anyone being interested in me. I genuinely dont have much to offer, let myself go and I have so much damage that I'd think something was wrong with a guy if he was interested. I does give me a little hope to see that people like you have moved on and ended up witM someone nice though... I just cant see that happening to me.

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