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Is DP cheating?

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Frogerty Wed 09-Sep-20 17:34:05

I’ve just found a viagra type drug (googled it), a sachet of it, tucked away on top of the wardrobe.

We’ve been together 7 years and have DC. He often complains about the lack of sex although we do have it around twice a week, sometimes more. He’s never had a problem ‘rising to the occasion’, in fact quite the opposite in that he’s always keen and ready even if taken by surprise...

Could this be a sign he’s cheating?

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LemonTT Wed 09-Sep-20 17:36:53

It could be. But it is most likely a sign he uses it to have sex with you.

MiddleClassProblem Wed 09-Sep-20 17:39:23

There could be loads of reasons he has it. If I’m honest it’s not a lot to go on.

Test148 Wed 09-Sep-20 17:40:52

Maybe! I think he would have found a better hiding place though than a shared space if that were the case though. Has he been on any stag dos in the past few years, maybe they were the male equivalent of favours!!! Or a joke gift from a colleague or friend that he kept because it might come in handy one day!

I think I would just ask him ☺️

OutrageousFlavourLikeFreesias Wed 09-Sep-20 17:44:07

Isn't it more likely that he's using it when he has sex with you?

Honestly, I'd just ask him about it. It's a perfectly fair thing to ask your life partner about. I'd rather know what medications my partner is taking, just in case they had a medical emergency and weren't able to communicate with the medics.

PixelatedLunchbox Wed 09-Sep-20 17:51:26

OP is there anything else to make you suspicious?

Does he seem preoccupied?
Has intimacy waned?
Is he bringing his phone everywhere with him?
Has he starts talking frequently about another woman?
Is he suddenly taking better care of himself?
Is he's constantly texting someone, but won't specify who?

If you aren't seeing any other signs, I'd assume he is using it for sex with you, or bought it as a "just in case I need it" possibility.

Suzi888 Wed 09-Sep-20 17:51:33

Is it an old box?

Frogerty Wed 09-Sep-20 17:58:43

I’ve googled it and they come in packs of 7, here’s only one. The manufacture date is March 2020....

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MiddleClassProblem Wed 09-Sep-20 18:00:26

Have you had sex 6 times in that period? He could have issues he doesn’t feel comfortable telling you. It could have been given by a friend to him as a joke or to try.

Itsjustabitofbanter Wed 09-Sep-20 18:02:24

So how many times have you had sexual since then?

Frogerty Wed 09-Sep-20 18:05:30

A about two or three times a week

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WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat Wed 09-Sep-20 18:05:40

Hmm, that's a stiff one.

Frogerty Wed 09-Sep-20 18:26:03


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maisythehorse Wed 09-Sep-20 18:30:46

No not from that alone, he might feel he needs it or was just curious to see what happens.
Just be honest and say you found it, see what he says.

category12 Wed 09-Sep-20 18:34:45

Seems likely he's using it with you?

Unless you have other reasons to distrust him/he has form for cheating?

Suzi888 Wed 09-Sep-20 18:48:32

He must be using it with you, ask him! wink he might be a bit embarrassed though.

Livandme Wed 09-Sep-20 19:07:00

He's probably using for sex with you but doesn't want to admit it. Especially if you say keen.
Who initiates most? If him, I think there's your answer

Hadjab Thu 10-Sep-20 10:51:17

Why would he need viagra with someone else if you say he has no issues with you? Also, Viagra isn’t for getting an erection, it’s for maintaining one. The likelihood is he’s using it with you, you just haven’t noticed.

Sexnotgender Thu 10-Sep-20 10:52:35

Not necessarily cheating based on that alone.

I’d maybe do some digging though.

SoulofanAggron Thu 10-Sep-20 13:20:52

He may be using it with you (not necessarily every time, but sometimes.)

Lovestoned Thu 10-Sep-20 20:14:13

Definitely don't ask him. He'll always that say of course, he is using it with you. Instead start watching that pack daily, you'll have your answer soon. On top of the wardrobe though tells me he uses it with you. Otherwise it would probably be hidden in his car.

cheerup Thu 10-Sep-20 21:53:53

When I found a receipt for Viagra it was the first sign I had he was cheating. It took a year from then to find out the truth. I think this is unusual and previous posters are right, you need more evidence.

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