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How to tell my newish partner I have sleep apnea

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notmrscookie Fri 04-Sep-20 22:28:32

Been with partners since early may as a bubble since june.
Spent my weekends at each other houses and have managed it and they have no idea .
We are going away for a week so will need to take my breathing machine with me. How do i tell him

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Yeahmetoo Sat 05-Sep-20 01:07:11

I think there's only really one way, explain you have a medical condition and that you need the machine. There's no getting away from it. Is it the way to word it you are struggling with? Or whether to tell him face to face etc? Do you think he will be put off?

Trying to imagine if someone told me this, I'd want to understand what it meant, the impact on us both... so maybe cover that? I know nothing about them but assume you set it up when you decide to go to sleep? So if that's the case, maybe explain it won't hinder late night activities but once you decide to go to sleep you need to use it and need to sleep a certain way? And it is quiet/noisy etc? Forgive my ignorance... these are the things I would wonder. Does he need to be aware of anything? Will it wake you if needed etc? Or does it adjust accordingly?

In all honesty I'd be wondering if it would keep me awake, so cover that too.

In terms of delivery, are you happy to discuss face to face?

Otter71 Sat 05-Sep-20 08:42:02

To be honest I am sure he will be more concerned about you being healthy if he is a partner worth having so tell him. I was the other way around. First night I stayed with current dp I lay awake listening scared to him snore and stop breathing. He knew he was sleeping for ages but waking feeling like he hadn't. He has now been diagnosed and has a CPAP machine and much happier. Good luck 🤞

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