Message not sent on messenger.

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Ilovetheseventies Mon 31-Aug-20 02:02:40

If a message is sent on messenger and it is a circle with a tick that is not shaded then I understand it is not received.
There are various reasons for this such as person logged out of Facebook etc.
It also mentions that the person could be ignoring you. Whilst that's a possibility I don't understand how if it's not been received by them how can they be ignoring it. Surely if they were ignoring you wouldn't it just go to a shaded circle and tick?
Anyone can help me with this?

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toiletpaper Mon 31-Aug-20 02:04:30

If it hasn't gone to the shaded circle and tick by tomorrow it's probably gone to the 'others' folder where you physically have to go in there to look who's messaged you.

forumdonkey Mon 31-Aug-20 02:18:55

My partner's messages are the same on messenger. He's not blocking me or ignoring me. It's been the same since he got his new phone a few weeks ago. It finally goes through if he clicks on his messages. Due to his job, he doesn't have message notification on his screen, with the exception of SMS

Ilovetheseventies Mon 31-Aug-20 02:52:55

Thanks for your input. I will wait a couple of days and message one more time incase but then I will have to leave it. There is a possibility that they don't want to communicate with me.

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user1481840227 Mon 31-Aug-20 02:55:46

When someone ignores your messages they will look like they haven't been delivered yet!
They could have read it but it will still show as not delivered.

Ilovetheseventies Mon 31-Aug-20 03:12:47

That's the bit I don't get forgive me for sounding ignorant but what does the shaded circle mean then?

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ShopTattsyrup Mon 31-Aug-20 03:40:23

@Ilovetheseventies as far as I'm aware, empty grey circle means undelivered (like no signal, phone switched off, not logged into messenger, shaded grey circle means delivered but unread, blue circle means delivered and read.


Ilovetheseventies Mon 31-Aug-20 04:08:39

Yes I thought that. I don't get the being ignored if it hasn't been delivered. I'm repeating myself now.

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TallRedCandlestick Mon 31-Aug-20 05:53:37

If someone has selected to 'ignore' your messages - you can do this by tapping on their profile pic and selecting 'ignore messages' on the menu - it means that you won't be notified if they message you and their messages will now go into their 'other messages' folder. The sender won't be told they're being ignored, just that they will see the 'undelivered' icon.

loveyoutothemoon Mon 31-Aug-20 14:01:54

@Ilovetheseventies I don't understand either. How can they ignore it if it
's not been delivered. The only thing I can think of is if they swipe the notification off the phone but then once they go on Facebook the icon would change wouldn't it.

I've been trying to work out for ages whether someone is ignoring me or it's just gone into their folder that they don't see.

loveyoutothemoon Mon 31-Aug-20 14:15:23

I sent a few with quite a long time between the two. The first was grey filled circle, then the next white circle (unshaded) so I'm assuming that the person went into messages (but didn't read it), and selected ignore, that's why the second didn't turn to shaded. I just assumed that a circle turned blue when you log on.

I can't for the life of me think of a reason why this person would do that. It's bugged me for ages.

flyingant Mon 31-Aug-20 14:21:59

Messages can be set to show up on the screen without opening the app. It would look like it was 'unread' until they actually opened the message on the app though, even though they may have read it when it popped up on the screen.

HunterHearstHelmsley Mon 31-Aug-20 14:51:24

I've got a few people on "ignore". Their messages go to spam, rather than other.

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