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Abusive ex.. Plans

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Justforgiggles Sun 30-Aug-20 22:41:22

Hi mum's. Without giving too much personal identifiable information out. I've been separated from exP for a few months, we share children together.. He has made threats he will fight me all the way to get our children.. Cried various crocodile tears, suicide attempts.

Usual abuser behaviour once they've lost control.. During the entirety of our relationship I endured all kinds of abuse.. Final straw was when he very violently attacked me in front of DC. SS removed us all immediately out the property we shared with him.. A few months have passed and so far nothing from the courts.. He does not have a solicitor and is self representing.. My anxiety is just not knowing what his next move is going to be. DC are blissfully happy and have not seen him since we left as SS have advised no contact can take place. I would be quite happy for DC never to see him ever again.. What could he be plotting? SW called me and said he's probably realised how long and how much its going to cost him to get a child arrangement order and isn't going to bother.. At best he was a less than average dad.. Ignored our children, beat me in front of them and used the most horrible horrific language in front of them.. I just want to know if I have anything to worry about? After the last incident he was given an immediate non molestation order which also covers the children.

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