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Happiness only for the spoiled and greedy...

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Delilahfunke Sun 30-Aug-20 08:57:35

How would You interpret this statement?

To give context:
I said to my ex that i Hope he will be Happy in the future and finds whatever Will make him Happy ... to which he replied :
” i dont do happiness’s only for the spoiled and greedy”

I’m confused 😬 or maybe just thick !?!!
Bit hungover tho ;)

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Highlytrainedflunky Sun 30-Aug-20 08:59:43

He’s a dick. Your well rid.

TorkTorkBam Sun 30-Aug-20 09:00:21

I see why he is an ex.

That is: woe is me, I will never be happy again because you are a meanie, you might be happy but that's because you are selfish and greedy.

I assume it is a recent breakup and he didn't want to break up.

Ignore. Let him lick his wounds on his own. Stop talking.

Kevinbaconsrealwife Sun 30-Aug-20 09:00:49

What a twat....I’m pleased he’s an ex ...

Delilahfunke Sun 30-Aug-20 09:02:31

Thanks ! Yeah .

Another gem he came out With:

” i could never live up to your standards ”

What standards of not wanting to be emotionally abused ?!!!

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InsaneInTheViralMembrane Sun 30-Aug-20 09:05:44

Sounds like a tight barrel of sunshine.

Delilahfunke Sun 30-Aug-20 09:06:36


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Mintjulia Sun 30-Aug-20 09:07:11

He's a prat trying to sound profound.

Highlytrainedflunky Sun 30-Aug-20 09:07:24

Block him

Delilahfunke Sun 30-Aug-20 09:11:54

I have blocked him om social media but have been communicating via sms - he is moving out and he has one more day to get all his shit before he needs to give his key back.

I was trying to keep things calm and amicable .

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Iloveme30 Sun 30-Aug-20 09:51:25

My reply would be when he says I don't do happiness is
Ya you don't do respect or decency either pop your key back through the letterbox when you leave and trot on 👌🤙
Hugs to you 💗

Delilahfunke Sun 30-Aug-20 09:57:56

It’s funny You say that actually Cos i did tell him to do just that - leave the key in the letterbox . He Said ” You can’t tell me what to do anymore” confused

True ..but the landlord can - he was brilliant and has even said he Will pay to change the locks If i dont get the key back.

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wigglerose Sun 30-Aug-20 15:45:31

I'd stop engaging on anything emotional like that. He's just going to throw it in your face.

Delilahfunke Sun 30-Aug-20 18:21:50

Yeah Thanks wiggle .
Hopefully after tomorrow it Will be easier - when he leaves his key and takes the rest of his stuff.
He hasn’t been here for the whole month But i feel like tomorrow Will give me the closure i need.
From the 1st September he is No longer on the tenancy contract and has No right to be at the property.

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