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Child arrangement order/contact

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Bekind2020 Sat 29-Aug-20 22:38:07

Hi. Has anyone been through the courts for residency/contact for their child? Im about to embark on a bitter fight with my exP for our daughter. I know the term custody isn't used these days but I will of course be going for full and permanent residency of my daughter. Can anyone share their experiences and time frames and perhaps give some advice? My exP is a violent abusive bully who has been arrested countless times for violence.. He thinks he's going for shared residency.

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Harri891 Mon 31-Aug-20 01:21:40

Yes Ive kind of been through this .. although my ex abuser never went for contact but I did remove his parental rights in court.

Things they are going to look into is if he is safe .. how many convictions do you recon he has got for being abusive? and were they only against you ? Do you have a restraining order? As he could argue that he hasn't hit or abused a woman since you. Who made contact with the courts you or him? Because if he has that can go in his favour. Has he ever hurt you infront of the kids ? Do they remember it? Do they wanna see dad ? Does he regularly pay for them. Again these things will be all be considered for contact.

My ex partner was denied contact by social services and he didn't even try to go to court but when I went to remove his parental rights they did tell me if they think dad is too dangerous they can do a thing call indirect contact which basically is a contact by letters or phone.

Hope this helps. smile

Afriendinneed2 Mon 31-Aug-20 18:37:11

@Harri891i have sent you a pm xx

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