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Littlemiss81 Sat 22-Aug-20 12:32:51

I'm in a really difficult place emotionally and mentally and the thoughts of running away are becoming more frequent, the urge to do it is out weighing the reasons not to.
I'm a mother of 4 children, 3 with my ex husband of 16yrs and then a little one who was an accident but truly amazing, however its come at a price and I'm scared, really scared that these awful feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, worthlessness are going to consume, I'm frightened 😔

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YukoandHiro Sat 22-Aug-20 12:34:33

Book an emergency doctor's appointment - you need support urgently, today, both for you and your kids. Book it, and be absolutely honest. Don't downplay how you feel

Littlemiss81 Sat 22-Aug-20 12:44:29

I've been to my GP, I'm on medication, I'm a switched on cookie, I like to think I'm pretty rational but I'm under immense stress from both ex partners...... my parents have taken guardianship of my 3rd child, aged 6 to protect me from my ex husband.... this has been incredibly emotional and I can't describe the feeling of failure, my 13yr old is under social care due to my marriage failure, I'm trying to hold down a job, run my home, start my own buisness, I can't tell anyone around me through fear they will worry, there is so many balls in the air.
My youngest daughters father told me I was a drain, i make excuses for feeling the way i do, that i need to pull myself together, only I can fix it, I can't look to anyone else..... I don't want anyone else to fix it, I just want to feel I'm in a place where I can manage and not feel like I'm messing it all up. I am genuinely fearful that this will never get better, I can't afford to let anyone down, I'm so lost

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