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Ex, cms & access

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LilyLongJohn Thu 20-Aug-20 22:38:58

Has anyone ever been to court re child access and been awarded 50/50 after the normal access being eow and half the holidays?

My ex has now decided he wants dd 50% of the time after he let slip he's been earning a lot more than he previously led me to believe. He's been paying the same cms payment for the last 7 years (in-line with his salary of 7 years ago) and I confronted him tonight about paying the right amount. After I sent him the cms calculator download of the new payment he's told me he wants dd 50% of the time and is prepared to go to court.

I'm panicking a bit at the moment.

His reaction isn't because he wants it, it's nothing to do with dds welfare, it's all to do with his wallet. When I text him the amount he sent this back

*Is that based on every other weekend?
If so I would like to do 50/50 with DD*

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Littlepaws18 Thu 20-Aug-20 22:47:32

I think you should go properly to child maintenance. If you open up a case (if that's what you call it) it is reviewed based on his tax every year. My partners payments have gone up a fair bit this year due to this. He can't squirm out of it, or face 20% hike in payments.

As for court I don't know, I imagine they take into consideration what has currently been happening. Also court costs a fortune, you will be asked to go to mediation first. Which cost my partner £400 for one session! That will soon put him off, if it's his wallet he is protecting.

LilyLongJohn Thu 20-Aug-20 22:54:04

Thank you @Littlepaws18 I'm going to open a case with the cms tomorrow and do it all officially. He even sent me a copy of his P60 as I think he thought he'd not have to pay much extra. He obviously hadn't checked beforehand.

I'm going to stop talking to him on this now as he's just twisting everything. Mediation is a good idea, we did this during the divorce and it helped.

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