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dont trust him

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Phycobitch Thu 20-Aug-20 22:24:36

my husband around about 2013 used to be horrible to me, everything was my fault. I remember he used to say when i asked "do you love me? He would say "i only say i love you when i mean it, it loses it value if i say it all.the time" i did sort of shrug it off, but he got worse, shouting at me when i went near him when he was "cleaning the kitchen" with the door shut. It was horrible, the worst timeof my life, everything ws my fault and he sulks, hes a big sulker still, tonight we had a row because i deared to tell him he left an open meat packed with blood in it on the work top and their was alot of flies on it. I was so pissed when i seen it when i came home, but hes sulking as a deared to mention it !! Weve been married for 21yrs he sulka virtually every fucking day!

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rvby Thu 20-Aug-20 22:29:40

Why are you with him love? Is there a reason you've stayed with him all this time?

Phycobitch Thu 20-Aug-20 22:38:26

I do love him so much, we have a great laugh but if it doesn't go his way a good fucking sulk will set in for a few days. Hes also a great liar. Narcissism is the perfect description, but the last few yrs i have faugt back, and i got locked up for it! I was at the end of my tether. I am convinced he has had an affair but cant prove it, all the signs are their, the girl i think it was is me but without kids and the lack of confidence from the constant accusations from him!

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rvby Thu 20-Aug-20 22:56:20

You got locked up for it? What do you mean?

Your relationship sounds absolutely appalling.

Are you aware that it's actually quite easy to love someone. There's nothing special about loving this guy, you're just used to him. Men are like buses, if you miss one just wait around because another will be along shortly...

Do you really want to be with him? I mean... he sounds vile and an utter waste of space??? And you have kids, do you think you're teaching them good lessons by being with someone like this?

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