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Husbands views on coronavirus. How is your relationship managing?

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Watford1990 Thu 20-Aug-20 20:46:42

So through out the pandemic me and husband have not been going out,seeing family and pretty much have stayed home as much as possible, only 1 person shopping ect and taking all measurements we have felt necessary, listened strictly to the rules- we have 2 children age 6 and age 4 (who is delayed so does not act like a 4 year old)
Anyway last few weeks I've been starting to relax a lot more and letting them get closer to their grandparents and aunts /uncles/cousins. I'm aware the virus is still there But after many hours of research ive done ,very conflciting rules and the fact we are really struggling with not seeing them /visa versa hence I've been visiting with the kids whilst his been at work

Don't get me wrong im still not going to go soft play/ farms/ zoos/shops ect as it's the logistics of that just are not worth it in my eyes

But getting more socialised with family is something I think we all need and it's very hard to stop them getting close. They've not been hugging but they are pretty close and when there be back at school in a few weeks time there wont be any social distancing either there. Anyway point to this is my husband doenst agree and it's come to an argument tonight where his basically saying you do what you feel is necessary and I'll do what I feel is necessary and then it went on and on and now his gone to bed in a hump

He is still very anxious and I wish i could just make him less anxious about it all.most nights coronavirus is brought into conversation and id love to know how you and your partners views are
I really feel coronavirus has brought a wedge into our relationship
Do you have the same views?
Do you have separate views?

Is he right should i not be letting them getting close ect ECT?

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Wherearemymarbles Thu 20-Aug-20 21:10:06

Well, in this house things have been pretty much back to normal, we’ve been to restaurants 6 or 7 times, seen all family, friends etc, been on holiday, been on day trips.

The virus isnt going away so be sensible and get on with your lives!

year5teacher Thu 20-Aug-20 21:13:15

We have the same views, we’ve been to restaurants and are both careful but we don’t worry about it. We are very sensible with seeing family because they’re over 60 but still enjoying spending time with them from a distance!

I’d go mad if DP wanted to talk about Covid every night... I’m trying to forget its existence as much as I can thanks!

SimonJT Thu 20-Aug-20 21:36:30

He has been more cautious than me, I’m higher risk male, asian, diabetic around 20% spleen function. He has been careful as he essentially convinced himself he was going to bring it home and kill me. I’m doing full contact rugby, meeting friends, taking my son to the park, going to the gym etc, if I catch it its unlikely to be from him.

Hes in Sweden at the moment (had to return for surgery) and wants to quarantine for 14 days in an airbnb when he flies home. He’ll need a carer so I’m not sure thats even possible unless one of his friends are happy to do it. He is tested daily until he comes home, I’m more than happy for him to move straight back in so I can look after him. I’m not pushing it though as that stresses him out.

DappledThings Thu 20-Aug-20 21:53:37

He's more cautious than me. Gets a bit annoyed about my eye-rolling every time I have to put on a mask or stroll past the hand sanitiser but generally on the same page. He wouldnt eat inside a restaurant at the moment but I would. Hoping he comes round before our anniversary in October.

It would be really hard if he wasn't ok about seeing family though. We are both fine with that.

And it's etc. Not ect.

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