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Has anyone waited before dating someone due to circumstances and had things work out?

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Nanananananon Mon 17-Aug-20 10:55:41

Firstly, I'm single and happy, not desperate to date at the moment and have had enough of dating apps etc so not out there looking for someone. I have a male friend who I've known for a long time, who I find very attractive, and who I care about a lot. A couple of years ago we came close to dating but he was having some mental health issues and I knew that it wouldn't work out and that we were better as friends. He then started seeing someone and had a pretty disastrous relationship due to issues which had put me off dating him. This prompted him to seek professional help and he is in the process of making a whole load of life changes to improve his mental health.

Last night I met up with him for the first time in a few months and just fancied the pants off him. We had such a good time and he seems to be in a better place. But, he is still fairly early in the process of 'rebuilding' himself so, I don't want to tell him how I feel at the moment, both because it would introduce a complicating factor in his life which he probably doesn't need now, and also because I'm a bit wary, one good night out does not mean that he is now ideal boyfriend material and I want to see what happens over the next few months.

Has anyone been in a similar situation in which they have waited for circumstances to change before dating someone and had a happy ending? Or am i a fool, for thinking that if i give things time, we will end up together when the situation is right for both of us? I feel like it's a bit of a romcom senario where in the movie, love would win through in the end, but in real life things don't happen like that.

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seensome Mon 17-Aug-20 11:12:43

I don't think you can wait for someone to change, he may need professional help but this may never cure him, you accept them as they are or decide you don't want the risk.

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