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Am I being unreasonable

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Delilahrose28 Sun 16-Aug-20 15:50:44

Me and my partner were together from 2012-2016, broke up and went our own separate ways and rekindled our relationship in 2019. ( we have a 7 year old son together). It’s been great, no problems what so ever and I felt deeply in love with him, even more than before. Then it came out 3 weeks ago that he had sex with his best friends girlfriend in 2018, now, it was when he wasn’t with me so it’s technically none of my business but I just can’t seem to let go of the fact he has done this. It’s made me see him in a different light, as someone who is untrustworthy, selfish and disloyal. I’m trying hard not to make this an issue between us but something has shifted/changed and I’ve now got the “ick” with him. I suppose the real question is do you think I could/should move past this ?
Reposted, hopefully this makes more sense 😂

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